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Hotmail is no longer available since 2012. You might have a lot of questions such as: Does Hotmail still work? Where can I find Hotmail login page? How can I Sign in or Log in to Hotmail account? Well, if you keep reading all those questions will be accurately answered.

A couple of years ago, logging into our Hotmail email account was as simple as going directly to Hotmail login page. After that, just setting correctly our data and pressing “Login” was enough to make us into the inbox. But since 2012, Microsoft added a few changes and implemented new services to its platform, which means that there are a different way and steps we need to follow to login into our Hotmail account. This is exactly the topic we are going to discuss today: how to login into our Hotmail email account nowadays.

Hotmail began to change its name since August 31st, 2012, inviting all the users of this service to start using the new denomination “”. At the present time, Outlook is the final replacement for every person who wants to create a new Microsoft’s mail account. Even though, it’s still possible to access any Hotmail accounts.

In practice, all Microsoft’s services serve now as one called OneDrive. But this doesn’t mean we can’t log in into our old Hotmail account. In fact, we can even get a new Hotmail account if we wish to.
But, why did Hotmail disappear? To find an answer we need to do our research in 2012, the year when Microsoft decided to transform its first email service -its history began over 20 years ago, in 1996- to make it in what we call now In any case, this change was nothing to worry about because its biggest adjustment was focused on its interface. Every other feature still remains as it used to look in our same good old friend Hotmail.

Hotmail Login | How to Sign in to Hotmail Email Account 2024

Old email IDs such as, or are still useful and we can use them anytime we want. If for whatever reason we don’t want to change our accounts to the newer ones Microsoft offers, all we need to do to login into them is follow these few simple steps.

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1. Enter the Microsoft’s login page (Replacement of previous  ) or

2. In the little box that’s underneath of Sign in, we need to write our entire Hotmail direction. It is very important that we write it correctly.

hotmail loginHotmail login English

3. After that, we click “Next” button.

hotmail sign inHotmail email login

4. Now, insert your password and click “Login”.

If we did everything following the steps, we should be in our mail’s inbox. Now that we’re in, we can do everything as we used to do before.

For those who want to login in their mobile devices, they can use the method above or simply install Microsoft’s Outlook official app. We can find this app in each respective mobile app store (Google Play if we are in Android, Apple Store if our device’s an iPhone). Once we install it, we just need to log in as we did before.

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How can I Create a new Hotmail account? | Hotmail Sign up

All we need to do is go to the Hotmail Sign Up website that is same page we go before:

There click the Create One! button (right down to the email, phone, username input box).

Hotmail Sign up

As we said before, even today we’re still able to create a new Hotmail account. In fact, Microsoft actually lets us select from three different domains for our email account.


Select the option we want to in the drop-down list from right to left and then just insert the name we want to our account.

Hotmail Sign up

Now that we know how to log in to Hotmail account and also how to create a new one, we suggest you explore all the alternatives that other companies have to offer you. We especially recommend trying out the AOL Mail service. We know you’ll love it! To read more articles like Hotmail login and Sign up we recommend you enter our How to Guides section.


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