We all know that we can use the (DM) direct message Instagram feature if we have the app installed on our smartphone. But, what if we don’t have our smartphone at a certain moment and we want to see what’s new in our DM inbox? Is there a way to check Instagram DM on PC? Well, indeed we can!

We can use Instagram Direct from the computer to be aware of the chats that we have with our contacts while we are working or doing other tasks. Thanks to this open source program we can have all the chats on our computer, either under Windows, macOS or Linux.

Instagram continues to surpass itself with updates that make it more complicated to use. But at the same time, this just increases the app’s fashion sense which keeps evolving alongside with the user experience and makes it even more stylish. There are not a few times that it goes through our lines to demonstrate the work that its developers are doing.

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Instagram Direct allows us to send messages to our contacts from the same as if we were on the Instagram app, which also has recently enabled a video calls feature. The only thing is that this feature is not available in the web version, so if we want to communicate using this feature we can do it through Instagram Direct. In this article techcrachi will teach how you can DM someone on Instagram on PC.

How to check Direct Messages on Computer or Laptop (Instagram DM)

Luckily, the wonderful team of developers is always working in making Instagram Direct a program that everyone can use without using any android emulators, so we are able to use this app either we use Windows, Linux or macOS. The free tool is called IG: DM Desktop and we have it available on our website for those three systems.

There are a few steps we may follow to install and use Instagram direct message on Mac, Windows or Linux. Instagram direct message login online | Instagram direct message PC.

Steps to DM on Instagram on PC:

  • First, we need to download the program in our PC. We can do it by clicking the next download button: IG: DM Desktop. Download
  • Next thing we need to do is install the program following the steps the installer says. They are very easy to understand and really intuitive so it shouldn’t be a problem.
  • Once installed we have to log in with our Instagram account. We need to introduce the data as if we are login on the Android/iOS app.

instagram direct message

  • When we get in, we will find an interface dedicated exclusively to chat with our contacts.
  • If we want to start a new conversation we have to look up our user profile with the Profile Pic and its name. Once it’s done, we’ll be able to use the app with normalcy thanks to the similar interface from the Instagram app.

send DM on Instagram on PCSend DM on Instagram on PC

  • Thats it, By following the above steps your are able to Check / Send a direct message on Instagram using desktop computer.

Congratulations! Now we are able to use Instagram direct message on computer and chat with our Instagram contacts on computer. Don’t forget to share with your friends if you liked our article! To read more articles like how to use Instagram DM on PC we recommend you enter our Social Media section. If you have any doubt feel free to contact us and we’ll solve in a few minutes. Thanks for reading and we hope you visit us again in another time!



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