Last update: February 2024

Learn how to easily download YouTube videos to your computer in WAV format with this practical YouTube video to Wav – YouTube to Wav converter.

Although the most common thing when downloading audio files from YouTube is using the MP3 or MP4 format, you may also want to convert YouTube videos into a WAV format (the acronym for Waveform Audio File Format), a very common format in Windows operating systems. Here you will learn how to download YouTube to Wav file (or) convert YouTube to Wav.

How To Download Videos From YouTube & Convert them to WAV

You have different options to download YouTube videos and convert them to the Windows audio format (WAV). There are many specialized (and free) YouTube to Wav converter programs that you can use to download the audio from YouTube videos. You can use Office-Converter, for example.

Steps to Convert Youtube to Wav with Office-Converter:

  • This online YouTube Downloader Wav converter works very easily. Simply find the URL of the YouTube video that you are interested in converting (you will find it in the search bar of your browser) and paste it in the area that says “YouTube download and Convert (YouTube to WAV)“. Below is a picture of what you should see on the page:

convert youtube to wavYouTube 2 Wav Converter!

  • Then click on the “Download and Convert” button. Immediately, the application will begin the conversion process of the YouTube video file (FLV) in WAV format. At the end of the conversion, you can download the WAV file to your computer.

Can I Download YouTube Videos On WAV If I Use Mac Or Linux?

Being an online conversion program, you can use it. It doesn’t matter if you have a PC with Windows, Mac OS or Linux operating system – you can download your videos in WAV without any problems. However, it must be remembered that the WAV format is not used in any operating systems other than Windows, so it would be more advisable to use other alternatives such as YouTube to MP3 converter or MP4.

What If I Want To Download YouTube Video?

If you are interested in downloading the full YouTube video instead of just the audio, then you must use another program to download videos in MP4 or AVI format (depending on your preference). To read more articles like How to convert YouTube to Wav, we recommend you enter our Tips & Tricks section.

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