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Top 10 best Texting APPS for instant messaging on Android 2024 February: Instant messaging apps are the most beloved and downloaded by Android users. The application that suits you is that your friends also use and you summarize all your social networking accounts or messaging programs into one. Say goodbye to text messages, saves money communicating with your friends and talk to them when you want. You will find a list of the best instant messaging applications for Android that you can not miss. We have listed best messaging apps for android phone and tablet.

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Best texting apps 2024 – SMS Messaging app

1. WhatsApp – Best texting app 2024

A presentation is needed WhatsApp ? best texting apps When it comes to replacing or SMS text messages, the best option is WhatsApp. Best Texting App on android It has become an indispensable application and all your friends have it, though one renege. The main reason is that it can be used for several different operating systems and even from the web client . You can send messages and share photos, videos, voice messages, contacts and even indicate where you are using Google Maps. In addition always you know if your contacts have read the messages. Ah! and care to hitch a bit .whatsapp addiction TechinDroid 2

WhatsApp Messenger
Price: Free

2. Telegram

Telegram appeared in all the best texting apps new instant messaging applications and may be the most serious alternative to WhatsApp. Keep in mind that does not have audio calls but according to the developers not want to have them, they focus on the messages.

The best feature is its secret chats encrypted from device to device and can even be self – destruct. It is available on many platforms and has customers in addition to computer web service. Also fun creating your own collection of stickers to share with others.Telegram

Price: Free

3. Line – Best texting app 2024

This application already had calls and stickers before WhatsApp and Telegram dreamed of it. It was also the first to have a client computer, but apparently not caused much impact in the West as the two previous applications. In Japan, its country of origin, is a bombshell all because he has a lot to show off in front of other applications. Chats, video calls, cloud to store shared files, payment services, games, etc.

Best Texting APPS for Android
Best Texting APPS for Android

4. Hangouts

Best Texting App on android Hangout is built into most Android with Google applications. The best virtues of this application is the integration with gmail and Google Drive. Also it offers video calls with up to 10 participants, and chat. It is also able to receive your SMS and MMS. Of course very easy to use and is an option that almost any andriod have on hand.

Best texting app 2016
Best texting app 2016

Price: Free

5. Skype

Its one of the best texting app for android without ads. Skype is one of the most widely used communication services worldwide. It was among the first technology to offer video calls between computers, but now covers any platform. In addition to calls is also available chat communication gives the opportunity to send any file.Best texting app 2016

Price: Free

6. BBM

If you ever had a terminal BlackBerry sure you miss your best messaging app. Well, do not suffer more because it is also available in Android. Now you can connect with those who still endure a BlackBerry without problems. It has all the features you can expect from another application such as chats, calls and share files and other information.

bbm messenger app
BlackBerry chat. / © TechinDroid

BBM - No longer available
Price: To be announced

7. Messenger (Facebook)

Its a best messaging app for android Facebook has a separate application so you can chat from your smartphone through the social network without having to go through your wall. This is a very powerful application that you have stickers and Telegram, calls and video calls as WhatsApp and Skype.

It has a special system notifications that appear on any screen in a circle profile picture of the person you just leave a message. To answer just click on the ad but if you’re doing something else throw it down and disappear.

Messenger social network
The Messenger social network. / © TechinDroid

Price: Free

8. Snapchat

best texting apps It’s application is the most used by teenagers and I guess due for the ephemeral nature of its publications making grow the courage in sharing because you know that sooner or later disappear, unless someone take a screenshot , Clear.In addition Snapchat has many fun filters that you will be able to start more than a smile.

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Free SMS Message app for android

TechinDroid Snapchat app icon teaser 1
The chat throwaway. / © TechinDroid

Price: Free

9. Wire

Wire is one of the best messaging app incredibly good applications but unfortunately nobody knows much less used. With Wire you can have calls with crystal clear sound quality, both video calls and even group. Everything is encrypted from end to end, groups can reach up to 128 participants can share a lot of files as GIF and design is exquisite.

wire chat app
As you see I have only two contacts and one is a robot. / © TechinDroid

10. Kik

A best messaging application without phone number only a username, but with filters to decide with whom to talk. You can also create public chats in which everyone can give their opinion. It is the perfect application to keep in touch with the people you know on the network and safeguard your privacy.

kik messenger app
Kik a little different from the others. / © TechinDroid

Above listed apps are the best texting app for android phone and tablet 2017. Do you use any other that is not on the list?


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