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BEST ANDROID EMULATORS for PC 2024 – 2024 (Windows, Mac and linux): Android emulators have always been a hot topic in the community, as it is still in its early stages. But most of them are ready for use, the next set of emulator show that. Also have look at our previous collection of 3Ds emulators 2024.

Some are better for an all app usage, while others are designed for play your favourite android games like Clash of clans. it’s up to you to see which one you prefer the most. Without further ado, let’s get to the post.

Best Android Emulators for windows, mac & linux

1. Bluestacks [Best Android emulator Windows]

Let’s start with the most famous of all. Bluestacks is an outstanding Android emulator for PC that for many years has been the go-to choice for Android emulation. It has a large user base of more than 130 million people worldwide. And it keeps improving their compatibility with Android games and apps.Best Android Emulators for Pc 2020

The software brings lots of freedom, the startup is pretty easy. It asks for an email associated with an Android device, it will then start downloading all of its apps and synchronizing what it has to. If you have never had an Android device then it’s not a problem, you can still use Bluestacks like a regular emulator. To download the apps we have 3 options:

1. Using the app store provided by Bluestacks
2. Entering Google Play Store directly from the virtualized browser
3. Downloading an APK and running it with the emulator.

Control is pretty intuitive; you can use the mouse cursor to perform tactical gestures or your keyboard to map certain actions, if you’re using a touch-enabled device, you can always use your hands to control the emulator, or even a gamepad while gaming.
One negative point about this emulator (or maybe all emulators) is that it requires a lot of resources to work and even more to run fluently. We are tested this android emulator on Windows 10 i5 laptop its performance are nice.

Best android emulator for windows 10.Best Android Emulators for windows, mac & linux

BlueStacks features:

  • 96% of applications and games are compatible.
  • Testing support for developers.
  • Multi-touch input
  • Keyboard and mouse integration.
  • Ability to synchronize with the desktop.
  • Native Windows graphic support.
  • The sensors and camera are integrated for a complete Android experience.
  • Android-TV support.
  • Available Root Version

Download: Bluestacks.

2. ARChon – Emulator with Chrome

ARChon is a Google Chrome extension developed to run Android apps on ChromeOS, ARMm and Intel x86 machines. You just need to download the extension, convert the APK you want to run with a tool they offer, and that’s it! Chrome 37+ required. This android emulator is recommended for low-end pcs.

Price: Free

3. Remix OS Player

Remix OS takes the place of new level Android emulator. It’s not a program you run on your computer. it’s a fully-fledged operating system! Based on the Android-x86 project. Remix OS is able to run as an operating system using Android apps and taking advantage of the Google ecosystem.Remix OS Player

Its interface offers a multitasking desktop with support for several overlapping windows, as well as a taskbar very similar to the one we can find in Windows 10 and a revision of the notifications tab. It even allows to right click on the items to open context menus, in addition to associate by default the most special accesses of our physical keyboard, all this without leaving aside the features and configuration elements that come with the Android system itself, alongside its integration with our Gmail account. The operating system can be installed from a USB drive that also allows to run as a LiveCD externally. Likewise, it can coexist in the same drive with other operating systems, enabling a boot menu during the start of the machine.

The movement of Android OSs on x86 (Intel’s architecture) has more than Remix OS behind its back, Phoenix OS, a competitor of the former has taken giant steps towards its compatibility with apps, and Google’s ChromeOS Android compatibility, although in beta, is looking like an exciting project that May become the standard of the industry.

Download: Remix OS

4. WindowsAndroid

WindowsAndroid is an Android emulator for Windows 8, 7 and 10 that will allow us to run a virtual machine with the Android OS so that we can use our computer as an Android tablet.
The controls of this software are just as Bluestacks’. You can use your mouse cursor as the main control input, as well as touch input if your PC has that enabled. The installation of WindowsAndroid is really easy, too. Just download and run the .exe and it’ll start running the software.WindowsAndroid
Once you’re on the virtual machine, you can access your usual Android settings and set some of them.

This alternative is more than capable to run any application, it’s different from Bluestacks because you’re not emulating an app, you’re running an OS from a virtual machine, which should greatly increase performance. And it also doesn’t suffer from storage issues, as long as your hard drive isn’t full.

WindowsAndroid is one of the best tools to emulate Android that currently exist. Not only does it work well and it allows to download any application of this operating system to use in Windows, but it gives us the possibility to do it of a simple and fast way. No complex configurations or BIOS installation. Just double click on the executable and we will be inside.

Download: WindowsAndroid

5. VirtualBox Emulator

VirtualBox is an open source software that installs different operating systems as a guest operating system. You can get the ISO image from the official android blog.
Once you have downloaded and installed the ISO file, you can install Android-x86 and start using APKs with emulator for windows 10

Features of using Android in VirtualBox:

  • Full control of components.
  • You can perform all actions like in the aforementioned Android emulators.
  • You can allocate RAM for your Android operating system according to your needs.
  • Every time you feel bored, you can play and test new applications.
  • It is easy to remove/uninstall the Android operating system in VirtualBox.

Download: VirtualBox.

6. Andy ( for Windows & Mac)

Andy is an Android emulator that will allow us to download, install and use hundreds of thousands of exclusive Android applications on our PC with Windows operating system, all without the need to create a virtual machine or perform any complex configuration: you just need to install and start.10 Best Android Emulators for windows 2020

Andy is really intuitive: You use your mouse to emulate touch functionalities, and you can even use your mouse wheel to emulate the slide down gesture, if you have a touchscreen then you’re in luck, as it’s also really intuitive with touch inputs.Compatibility-wise it’s flawless. You can run Android’s most famous apps and games, but the most interesting app we will be able to run is Whatsapp, we only need to download it, install it and authenticate our phone number with a text message we’ll receive to our phone!

Download: Andy.

7. Nox – Best Emulator Whatsapp, Instagram …

Nox App player is a lightweight alternative for running Android apps, it has compatibility with a wide array of games (both light and heavy) as well as a handful of settings and controls for the emulator.
The apps can be downloaded from the Google Play Store so their installation is natural and easy.

Download: Nox.

8. Genymotion for mac

Genymotion is an alternative to Bluestacks. Especialized in the testing of Android apps it has an excellent build quality and lots of developer features. You can even use your PC camera to have video chats. android emulators for mac 2020

Android emulators for mac 2020
Android emulators for mac 2020
  • It is compatible with all OS: Windows, Mac and Linux.
  • Windows of variable size.
  • Java API supported.
  • Equipped with screencasts.
  • One click with the customizable button: IMEI, MEID, Android ID.
  • Drag and drop applications.
  • OpenGL acceleration.
  • CPU virtualization.

Download: Genymotion.

9. Memu

MEMu is an emulator like Bluestacks, it also comes with root access and a ton of functions that can be adjusted from a sidebar located to the right of the program. It gets the job done (as well as Bluestacks, it requires a lot of resources to work).

Download: Memu

10. KoPlayer

Our last item on the list is a new competitor on the emulator sub category. KoPlayer is an emulator like Bluestacks or MeMU, just that it’s a bit more focused on gaming. You can use the keyboard settings to emulate a game controller. Players will also be able to record the game. The installation process is quite easy. Like most emulators (especially this one as it is so new) it’s quite buggy, however, it is a free option that is worth a try.

Download: KoPlayer.

And this is the end of our android emulators 2024 – 2024 list, Android apps have become a necessity for today’s users and the emulation of Android apps on other devices is definitely a noble cause that should be supported. If you feel like this list should have another emulator, leave it in the comment box below!



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