Last Update: March 2024

Download Bluestacks App Player Windows 8, 7, XP

BlueStacks App Player is a tool that allows to run Android applications on your PC via a convenient menu. From its interface you can manage all the features of our virtual device, and download and install all kinds of apps in seconds you can download Bluestacks for Windows 8, 7, XP.

When you start running the program that will ask us if we have a phone Android . If so, we can associate the program and synchronize all your applications and work with the mind that we are using at the time. If instead we have no phone Android does not matter, because we can download applications and use them anyway. To download applications have several options: using the own application store associated with Bluestacks , accessing Google Play from the virtualized browser or downloaded in APK format. As for the other options, the behavior is the same as a terminal Android real.

As for the control system can use the mouse cursor to perform tácties gestures or map specific actions to our keyboard, although we can always use an external gamepad or to use their own touch functions if we are using a tablet or PC screen with such functionality. For applications that use the accelerometer we can also simulate keystrokes from the keyboard.

As for the level of compatibility, BlueStacks App Player is capable of running all applications, and even modern video games. Whether classics like Angry Birds or massive games like Clash of Clans, this is a fantastic tool that provides a real world of possibilities for any PC user, you can use all the applications Google Play or outside with all that this entails.


BlueStacks App player X – Providing the biggest updates ever and introduces many new features. Recent Bluestacks become lighter use and run, especially in the use of RAM in the PC, the application tab multi-tasking friendly, quick action toolbar, and many other features. Now has come the second BlueStacks increasingly bring progress and thousands ease of use best android emulator.Download Bluestacks App Player 2 App Player now works similar to the browser interface, you can play multiple applications or games simultaneously, and easily accessible is appropriate to use the browser. Run an application when other applications are being downloaded.Download Bluestacks App Player 2

Bluestacks App player X latest

More Simple, Lightweight, and Efficient

By using Bluestacks App Player 2 users can enjoy easy access to many functions, such as controlling the location, shake the screen, adjust the volume, and much more. Try all of these things in a new toolbar on the left side of the App Player. To immerse yourself completely in the App Player, simply click the Full Screen button.

DownloadBluestacks App Player X


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