Last Update: March 2024
Many of us having this question why is my phone overheating so quickly? There are many factors that affecting your Android smartphone temperature. We are going to show you how to cool down phone temperature. my phone get hot so fast

Heat wave! are made by Both external and internal factors, your smartphone can reach extreme temperatures and some apps may fail or the camera or even may not let you put the brightness to the maximum. We explain why this happens and how to solve it with a few apps and tips.

Nexus overheating, high ranges in flames … what can happen?

I think no need to talk too much about the problems that seems to have the Snapdragon 810 as regards thermal performance. We had to talk about them before, Snapdragon has been suspected cause of the poor results in manufacturers Like HTC, Xiaomi.

Its not only for SD 810 devices, because there are so many devices that suffer from overheating problem. Nexus 5 seems to be the focus for this reason , some units of the Samsung Galaxy S6 also gone through it … without going any further, remember That my Galaxy S3 turned into an oven in my pocket (for a software problem that was fixed with an update) while I was going down the street.Is Your Android phone Overheating? Possible Reasons & Fix

How do I check if my Phone gets Heating problem?

Its normal our Android phone gets heat sometimes, depending on the load we are putting on it. Because Android is not like our computer; (in most cases) It has no fans dissipate heat and depends on the passive dissipation to out the heat. Although I always stay with the method of liquid cooling friend Xperia Z2 by throw in the pool. android phone heating up while charging

The problem is when overheating problem occurs several times throughout the day or even we do not use it, And we have no pool or water resistance. Then we must try to look at where the problem is happening?, nothing to say “I think it is heated here” as you point an undetermined point and to check with actual measurements we can use AIDA64.

All we have to do is :

Install the app, Open it and enter the “Thermal” section where we can see our apps each temperature values of  probe having your device.

Price: Free

It’s the best way to locate where May be the problem. You can also use other applications like CPU-Z to measure temperatures, but the con is that most will only give you the temperature of the battery.

Price: Free

Why is my Android phone heating up?

Well there are overheating problems occur on some Android devices and we already know how to measure the data in an objective way to know that it is not our sensation. Here we bring you some solutions for Android phone overheating.

How to Fix overheating (Solutions)

1 Hardware problems (Battery and charger)


If ??your smartphone the heats most often from the back side, it may be a battery problem. To check if this is the case of your phone, you can use the USSD code * # * # 4636 # * # * for information on using your phone. Some smartphones, such as the Huawei brand, do not accept this code.

Once inside this menu, access the section ‘Information about the battery‘. Here you will find, among other things, the temperature of your device. The normal temperature of a while phone at rest should be around 30 ° C, although if we have been using more powerful apps, such as video games, it is normal to rise to almost 40 ° C. phone overheating and battery draining

The ‘Battery Status’ section will also help us to know if there is a problem. If you show anything other than ‘Good’ (eg ‘Unknown status’), restart your phone and check it again. If we continue to receive the same message, your battery may be defective and need to be replaced.

Charger problem:

If overheating occurs especially when we charge the phone and is particularly noticeable in the part where the charging pin is, it is more than likely that the problem is the charger we are using. This can happen when using a charger that has not been approved by the manufacturer. Try to use another and check if the problem persists. If not, get rid of the old charger.Is Your Android phone Overheating? Possible Reasons & Fix

2 High-end performance apps / games …

It does not have to be a fault in the physical part: it can also be the code, which requests high performance to the set for too long. This is quite normal and should not worry if only happens in the time you play high performance Game or app. If the temperatures rise more often even we do not have any running app that can cause this. android phone overheating while chargingHigh-end performance apps / games ...

You also have to look into other factors. Android phone will heat up when charging and use that. If we use services like GPS, games while battery standby it will extremely rise the device temperature. These apps are climbing The temperature can be blocked without knowing us. To solve this, we can follow the following steps.

Find an App or Service that overheats the phone

  • First of all is to check if you have any game running on  background or an app that uses functions such as GPS. If so, close those apps and wait for your phone to cool a bit then re-check the temperatures.
  • Are you sure no app in the background, try looking battery charts: there you can find apps and services that make high battery drain.
  • If there is nothing suspect which is consuming more battery unnecessarily try to look at what processes are giving more load to the memory By Goto  Settings> Developer options > Process phone overheating solutions
  • You can also use Coolify to free you from some of the heat. A root application that prevent android phone from heating up.

I hope these tips are help you to prevent your smartphone from unusually get heating. How about you? Do you have the same problem? Leave us your comment.


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