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5 free CCleaner Alternatives to clean memory space on PC, (Windows & Mac). All these programs are open source so no purchase required.

PCs can produce a lot of Junk files, data that programs use to access things faster, cookies (your digital footprint) and other residual data can take up a lot of space and jeopardize your privacy. For these issues we have cleaner programs, these programs do exactly what you assumed, they clean your PC of that garbage you don’t really need.

Best Android Cleaner 2024.

CCleaner is the current King of Windows cleaners, its popularity lies in its quality, it’s so efficient you wouldn’t even think of using another one, but what if you do have that need for change? TechinDroid has you covered. Today we’ll bring you a list of the ccleaner alternatives 2017.

Best Alternatives to CCleaner (Free Open Source)

CCleaner, the king to dethrone

CCleaner is the Windows cleaner we all use today. It not only scans your PC, but it cleans it as well, it even takes care of your registries and it also features an uninstaller, a startup editor, and a portable version.Alternatives to CCleaner

It’s quite international, with many translations and adaptations, CCleaner comes with a clean and pleasant UI, and it comes with a free version, which is pretty good. It’s definitely a tough competitor, but let’s see if there are any good competitors out there.

1. BleachBit, Mr. Simpleton

BleachBit is the simplest cleaner in the comparison. Basically, the program is made out of a column of boxes for each area about to be cleaned, accompanied by a window that explains each option. This option has a portable version for ease of use. Its a better alternative to ccleaner.BleachBit

BleachBit found 667 MB of junk files, almost as much as CCleaner, really impressive for such a basic program, but its basic-ness is its doom, so little options just disappoint.


2. Argente Disk Cleaner

Argente Disk Cleaner is a cleaner developed by ES-based team Argente Utilities. This cleaner not only searches on browsers and system folders, it also fetches junk on more than 150 programs. It bolsters a nice UI and it’s one of the pretty good ccleaner alternatives also available in english. CCleaner Alternatives 2017

One peculiarity of Argente Disk Cleaner is that it does not allow disk and program scanning at the same time.

We ran a test, and it took us a while (more than CCleaner). The bad part was that the program didn’t tell us how much space was going to be released after the cleanup, and you don’t have a preview of the items to be deleted.

Download: Argente Cleaner

3. JetClean, the new kid on the block

JetClean is a third-generation cleaner. It disrupted the cleaning scene, and it’s turning heads because of its performance. This bad boy not only does cleaning but a whole lot more.JetClean, the new kid on the block

JetClean has been bashing heads with CCleaner for a while, some people name it the best competitor to CCleaner, while some name it “its successor”. One cool feature of this program is that when you do your cleaning process, it also offers you to release some RAM memory, pretty nice!


4. TuneUp, ( Windows & Mac)

TuneUp Utilities covers all areas of cleaning and optimization of Windows. Cleaning junk files is just one of its jobs, this program has more than 30 useful functions, some people even install this first on their computer, so that it can monitor from day one.Best CCleaner Alternatives

The number of features this program brings to the table make it one of the best, sadly, performance with older PCs and not being free takes a good chunk of points on its reviews.

5. FCleaner, after the C comes … the F!

FCleaner is according to many a CCleaner ripoff, however, for others, it’s one of the best alternatives. It offers the same tools as CCleaner, just with a different look. Obviously, it comes with a portable version for quick usage.

Free ccleaner alternatives 2024.Best CCleaner Alternatives

FCleaner ranks up pretty high on the performance side of things, finding over 780 MB after .494 seconds, these results make it a serious contender to the king.


6. Wise Disk Cleaner, the Old Man.

Wise Disk Cleaner is a file cleaner that has a long history. Its latest version has a refreshed UI and offers a lot of languages, and it features a safe deletion of files option, helping you to recover a file you didn’t want to delete. alternatives to ccleaner Wise Disk Cleaner

On a normal scan, it found 87.9 MB to delete, however, on the Reduce OS Size tab, it found 2.8 GB of files that could be deleted. It looks like the latter is for more intensive

cleaning, and the upper is for a more faster operation.


So basically there’s not a program who’s CCleaner has to worry about, yet. This may change as time and technologies keep moving forward and be sure that when that happens, TechinDroid will have you covered. What do you think of this best alternatives to ccleaner list? Did we miss a program you think it deserves to be here? Let us know in the comment box below!


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