Facebook is one of the social networks that most users have, however, only a few know how harmful is Facebook app for Android or iOS smartphone. In this article we provide 5 strong reasons to not install Facebook mobile app on your phone.

Facebook is one of the most used social networks and having users worldwide. From large to small are part of this community. Many choose to leave their session started on their PC by moving to facebook app on their smartphone. However, the latter can be say good bye to your device’s performance.

Here are the 5 Reasons to Not install Facebook mobile App on your phone:

1 – It spends a lot of battery

The Facebook app spends a lot of battery. In addition to the videos that are played by itself, the app works in the background using functions such as Geo-location, so the battery almost doesn’t last.

2 – Privacy

We all know that Facebook collects the information that its users publish and how they use it to generate dividends. This social network keeps conversations, addresses, locations, even those that you don’t want anyone else to know.

3 – Slow down your Phone

Facebook is one of the applications that occupies more space in the device, its capacity is almost 1 GB, so the phone usually overheats and work a little slower. Especially if it’s older Android or iPhone model will go slower.

4 – End with your RAM

The famous social network app runs on its own, even if you swipe it from multitasking list. That means that if you clear recently used apps to have more space on RAM, The Facebook app automatically starts seconds later.

5 – It’s a Distracting thing

Usually people who have Facebook on their mobile phones are distracted watching videos of kittens, memes or other things that while they can be very fun, it’s a time that can be used in more productive activities, such as reading or investing in that project that you have left months ago in half.

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