Although each country has legislation in this regard, it often depends on the country where do you live in. Minimum age requirement for social networks such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter or Instagram are 13.

Access to new technologies is increasingly widespread among kids, either as a support tool in studies or communication with family and friends. That children have social networks is not something alien to society, nor to companies, which design specific products for this “target” that was born with the “digital” last name and controls the environment even better than many adults.

However, the risks in this online environment are not only limited to handling the technique but, there are other risks to the age that move from the traditional social environment. Cyberbullying, addiction or contact with undesirable people are negative consequences that are repeated more and more frequently. And they get worse with the ease that platforms grant to create profiles, for which most of the time you only need an email and a password.

From 13 years old

All social networks have a minimum age to participate and could eliminate profiles that do not comply with the legislation of the country in which the company that owns the platform is registered, although this is rarely verified if the account does not violate any other term of the conditions and is reported by another user. But, from what age is it legally possible to have an account on one of these social networks?

Facebook, YouTube, Twitter or Instagram requires everyone to be at least 13 years old before they can create an account.


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