Update: April 2017

How to Save Snapchat Pictures: Snapchat is a popular messenger for send pics and videos safely to anyone. Snapchat is considered as a medium to send photos and personal videos. The image should be “self-destruct” in some seconds after seen. There are many tools available for save snapchat pictures on android. However, the users are now able to store the desired image on Snapchat using third-party applications. snapchat screenshot without notification .

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In this article I’m going to explain How to Save Image in Snapchat without notifying others with a SnapCapture app for you can save snapchat images with this app.

Screenshot snapchat without notification Android

Trick to Save Snapchat Pictures on Android

Step 1: At first Download and install SnapCapture app on your android mobile. You won’t find it on google play this app has been removed for some reasons. screenshot snapchat story without notification.

Step 2: Open SnapCapture after you download it. If you’re still on the app store or store app, just tap Open. If you’ve not been in the app store, point to the applications in your device’s home screen and tap to run it.

save snapchat pictures android
Save Snapchat Pictures on Android

Step 3: Log in to SnapCapture. to start save snapchat images Use the username and password are the same as those you use to sign in ( login ) to Snapchat. ( login ) to Snapchat

Step 4: Use SnapCapture to open a new message. Then, when you receive a new Snapchat, use SnapCapture to save snapchat images open it. Do not open Snapchat.SnapCapture to save snapchat imagesStep 5: Press the button “Download”. Images are saved to your device. Button “Download” can be seen to the right of the title bar near the icon “Settings”.SnapCapture to save snapchat imagesStep 6: Check the Gallery. Now there will be a folder named Snapcapture. You will be find all received snaps and videos  on your gallery.

I hope this trick will help you to save snapchat pictures on android without root Don’t forget to share this post with your friends.