Here is the Best Spying App for Android in 2017. With it you can spy anyone easily.

Internet connects the world through tech devices which increases the likelihood of being spied or hacked. Technology has brought people closer together, so its’s difficult to keep a low profile in this techno-digital era, where, with a mere phone call, you can know the whereabouts of a person.

Internet of Things (IoT), has emerged as a platform for introducing new ways of tracking and monitoring. Smartphones are a critical tool for spying that are owned by almost 80% of the Americans. With IoT taking over the smartphone industry, the long-standing human imagination of extracting target information undetectably has come true.Xnspy Review: Best Spying App for Android in 2017

There has been a global appetite for spy apps due to personal safety and security. These are being used by concerned parents, zealous bosses, and suspecting spouses to maintain a work-life balance. Despite all this, these apps have to constantly deal with charges of moral integrity and ethics against them.

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Yet, there is a growing demand for monitoring apps since they allow technology to be used in an efficient manner and to make our tech experiences productive and safe. Below is a detailed review of Xnspy, the best spying app for android that offers endless opportunities and possibilities to the users.

Xnspy Review – First impression of the app

Xnspy is a comprehensive tool for spying that offers diverse uses to potential customers. It’s a commercially available app does a commendable job at providing partial back-up and offering personal data security.

The software promises stealth monitoring with remote functionality so the user doesn’t refurbished design to specifically facilitate the less savvy users. It has a power yet intuitive user interface to easily access target information. The drop-down menu of the features enables the user to easily navigate the app to begin spying.Xnspy Review – First impression of the app

Being an effective surveillance tool, Xnspy ensures real-time reporting of the target. This takes place through an online console that provides a live feed of all the activities of the target stored in his cellphone. When installed, this best spying app for android will regularly provide updates in order to keep pace with the current dynamic trends in spying.

Compatibility and Pricing

When you’re making an informed purchase decision, you cannot overlook the compatibility of an app. Since android is one of the most used operating system in smartphones, Xnspy works best with it. It can be installed in all rooted or non-rooted android devices. Unlike iOS devices, which don’t require physical installation when Non-Jailbreak, installation is mandatory in all android tech gizmos. Therefore, the user can avail the entire range of features offered by the app.Xnspy Review

The pricing of an app has a significant impact on its rating and reviews. One of the major reasons for Xnspy being the best spying app for android is that it leads the pricing competition due to its affordable pricing. It is an app for budgeted users that offers two subscription packages:

Basic and Premium.

  • The basic package costs $8.33 per month.
  • Premium package costs $12.49 per month.

Billing payments can be charged on monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis. However, there is one downside of the app. It has stringent refund policies so you cannot get refund ten days after the purchase of the app. No kidding guys!

Installation and set-up

Being a user-friendly app, Xnspy is a cinch to install. It takes about 3-5minutes for the app to get running into the target device. There is a clear set of instructions offered by the app to walk through the installation process. Unlike other spy apps, Xnspy doesn’t require any configuration or license codes for verification. Once the app is downloaded, you can begin spying on the target. Though the app does not offer free trial service to the customers, this shortcoming is recompensed with the Live Demo available on the app website.Xnspy Review

When Xnspy is installed in the target phone, the online console then syncs the target phone with the user device. This online console is a web-based control panel called Dashboard Monitoring which allows the user to access target information remotely and discreetly.

Xnspy Features & Pros

Xnspy is a handy tool that offers a variety of features for monitoring. It is quite versatile in its functionality. Here are some of the exciting features the app promises to deliver.

Call log monitoring

You can view an entire record of all the incoming/outgoing and missed calls in the target phone and determine the frequency of calls with a specific caller. Call details can also be monitored which include name of the caller, their contact number, date and time stamp, and call duration.

Read text and chats

You can read the text message content as well as the message correspondence on other messaging apps like WhatsApp, Skype, Facebook Messenger, etc. When monitoring IM platforms, you can read the entire thread along with any multimedia files, if shared. These files include photos, videos, audio files, documents, etc. You can watch-list words to determine unauthorized chats.

GPS tracking

With the innovation of augmented reality, location-based services are available in smartphones. You can monitor the whereabouts of your target through GPS location tracking. This provides the exact address of the target at a specific time. Also, through geo-fencing, you can create a virtual barricade for your target.

Phone and surrounding recording

Xnspy automatically records the phone calls and surroundings of the target so that you can listen to them later if you want. Apart from listening to phonic conversations, you can listen to the in-room conversations taking place near your target.

Remote commands

The user can give the following remote commands to the control panel:

  • Wipe data of the target phone,
  • Block certain apps,
  • Lock the phone screen,
  • Take live screen shots of the target phone,
  • And view the list of apps installed in the target phone.

The verdict!

Digital monitoring has uses beyond military and intelligence services. As problems like corporate espionage, cyberbullying or sexting increase, so does the usage of monitoring software. Xnspy is currently dominating the monitoring arena with its enhanced functionality, extensive range of features, and affordability. Overall, the app offers a good value for your money for proficient as well as less savvy users of technology.


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