After we heard a lot of rumors here is the Real view of iPhone 8 photos in HD.

Finally after a long wait here we show you some iPhone 8 images from the front and back side of view, since they seem to confirm many information revealed for several weeks. There are two fine spare parts, with a unique black insert on the top of the front glass cover. And of course the dual-sensor vertical to the rear.iPhone 8 Photos in HD Here's what it should look like

Its maybe finally a real photo of the Apple’s next project iPhone 8. Our team stalked on Reddit about it, it’s because they stick very closely with all the information we have had in the last few weeks on the iPhone 8. Obviously, as was suspected, nothing very exciting side iPhone 7S and 7S Plus if not a whole glass back shell. iPhone 8 images hd

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 Apple iPhone 8 Photos in HD [Real Pictures]

The cons of the iPhone 8 is much more crisp. Here again we have two pieces in a shiny material, which would be glass according to the editor at the origin of the photos. Let’s talk about the front: this glass and these very fine borders gives a fairly accurate idea of ​​the screen. This is no longer a surprise, the next iPhone 8 will be borderless. Especially at the top of the screen there is a black cutout.Apple iPhone 8 Photos in HD [Real Pictures]

This is where according to information that we have so far the iPhone 8 will have the selfie camera and other sensors. This area should appear completely invisible when the area in question is black, because of the AMOLED technology (when a pixel is black, its off, so no more light). At the back, the glass suggests for wireless recharging, as this wouldn’t be possible through the metal.iPhone 8 Photos HD

We also discover the cache of the double-sensor photo, which seems to reserve in the middle the flash. In addition, it is noted that nowhere is a TouchID fingerprint sensor location present. This suggests that Apple may be the first company to offer a fingerprint sensor directly integrated into the screen.


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