Last Update: February 2024
Here is all about Instagram and twitter #Hashtags How it works? & How to properly use it.

The mastery of hashtags in social media like Instagram or Twitter seems like fundamental when developing a correct digital marketing strategy. If we want to improve our presence on these platforms and achieve growth we must master its use. In this post, we review some ideas that should be taken into account.

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The popular or general hashtags. They can be included if the content justifies it but, a habitual error is to limit itself exclusively to use only these labels. In theory they have a great exposure. In the beginning you will not get the results you need. In this regard, it is best to use hashtags that are specific and best fit with your target audience.

Research before using a hashtag and measure your results. Before using a particular label it is advisable to investigate and know what content users are publishing. Also, once we decide on certain hashtags we have to analyze the results they are having.

How To Use Hashtags on Instagram & Twitter

In the web there are a number of tools that can be used to do this task. For example, Ritetag, It lists all popular trending hashtags on Twitter. In addition, you can connect with your own keywords to check which are the best that can work.hashtags on instagram for likes

Price: Free

Another option is Tagboard, to know the content that is shared with a specific hashtag. trending hashtags on instagraminstagram hashtags cheat sheet

A third tool, in this specific case of Instagram, is Tagsforlikes, which breaks down the most popular hashtags by themes.

1 Think about your audience and the place.

When it comes to launching a publication and including a hashtag it is important to think about the audience you are targeting and the location of it. If your company operates in a specific city, you have to take it into account. If the content has to do with an event being held in a specific place, as well.

2 Try Innovative Hashtags.

The trial-error concept in social networks can be useful. It must be taken into account, used in certain cases and learned from it. Always with common sense. It is not worth with conforming and always using the same hashtags. We must always try to innovate and think about new opportunities for improvement.

3 Use them sparingly.

The use of hashtags is necessary but, always in moderation. Do not abuse and complete a text message with dozens and dozens of them. That may end up subtracting the effectiveness of the message and even annoy the users themselves, since a tweet or a post in Instagram full of hashtag is not readable.

On Twitter one or two is recommended, while on Instagram, between 6 and 8 would be advisable, although you can put up to 30.

I hope by reading this article you will know How to properly use Hashtags on Instagram & Twitter to get success. And also find trending hashtags on Twitter and instagram. Don’t forget to share this article.


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