Most people rely heavily on a range of gadgets and Samsung is one of the most popular brands, making products like cellphones, smart watches, tablets, digital cameras and more.

You likely own more than one of these must have tech gadgets but, have you considered how protected your technology actually is. Many give little thought the security of their Samsung portable technology. There are a few steps you can take to protect yourself from hackers and viruses, and some of the best antivirus android applications can help prevent malicious attacks.


Tips to Protect Your Samsung Gadgets

Follow these security tips to protect your samsung gadgets from viruses and hackers.

1. Back Up Your Information

Like many people, you likely forget to regularly back up your various devices. However, not doing so can quickly lead to lost data due to loss or theft. This is particularly true for something like a watch or camera. Scheduling regular back ups can help, and some security programs offer automatic and secure backup solutions that allow you to safely share information between devices.

2. Create A Strong Pin or Password

Your pins and passwords are your first line of defense against hacking or theft. However, actually following through on the security guidelines can be a hassle. Security programs can help you track unique passwords for all your devices and applications and can give you quick and easy access to this information with one common password. Additionally, they can help you create strong combinations to stop easy hacking. This can ensure the safety of each device.

3. Double Check Internet and App Security

Applications and downloads on your phone or tablet are some of the biggest culprits in compromising your devices’ security.However the right antivirus for android tablet or phone can quickly scan applications and alert you to issues. Additionally, public wifi networks can leave you susceptible to malicious malware. Security programs can help you easily identify risky networks and websites on any device. Download AVG antivirus to get you started on a full protection strategy, or go to


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