Last Update: December 2022

There is a trick let you listen to music on youtube with screen off android, So that you get YouTube to play in the background even your phone’s screen off.

Surely it has happened to you that you wanted to listen to music on YouTube with your mobile and when the screen was turned off, the sound stopped. Well with this simple trick that doesn’t need root help you forget about this bug.

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You get to do anything; Study, work … And you need music. And the problem is that you’ve always been on YouTube, you need a playlist of your own. You need to open the app on your mobile to listen musics. Problem: When you turn off the screen and youtube stop the video itself. And yes, it’s annoying to have the app open and keep screen on to work, so you move to another way of listening to music, even if it bothers you. How to solve this problem?How to Play YouTube with screen off on Android

We have discovered a simple trick with which you can play Youtube in background android without root with the screen off your Android phone. The only drawback of this method is that you will need a earphones with integrated buttons.

Listen to YouTube with the screen off without root

While it is true that there are other ways to play music on background more easily by music play app.

This trick is especially for someone who always use YouTube to listen to songs or videos that otherwise would be impossible to hear. This trick has been successfully tested with Apple Earpods, Samsung headsets and personal headsets with Sony MDR-XB450ap.

Note! As a trick requirement you will need a Earphones that have buttons that help to keep playing music on youtube with your phone screen off.

The trick is simple: you must use the buttons dedicated to the playback (play, pause …) of your headset to play the video. Surely we defined steps in clear below:

1. At fist open the Youtube app and Play a video as you wish, making sure you’ve skipped the advertisement. Once video started playing just “pause” it.

2. Now press the “lock” button on your phone.

3. Connect the earphones to your phone, Make sure the earphone has play buttons like the ones already mentioned.

4. Press “Play” button of your earphone, and voila! The youtube video will be played with the screen off.

I hope this guide will help you get youtube to play in the background on android without root 2022. This trick has been tested on two different Android phones and with two pairs of different headsets and both are worked. Why not you try it?


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