Last update: February 2024

The smartphone market leader Samsung has introduced its own digital assistant named Bixby. With this APK you can already use Bixby – even without Galaxy S8.


What is Hello Bixby?

Bixby is an virtual assistance comes with Samsung galaxy S8 its works just like Ok Google, and apple siri. With Bixby Samsung competes with Apple’s Siri and Amazon Alexa. Samsung is counting on bringing the software to all its devices over time – but so far it’s only available on the new Galaxy S8. However, with this Samsung Bixby assistant APK, you can also install the wizard on other devices.

Hello Bixby for All Samsung Nougat Devices

Hello Bixby Not only available on the Galaxy S8, you can get Bixby on any android phone by installing this Hello Bixby APK.

Voice commands are becoming a central way to communicate with technology. And the big tech companies with their assistants are competing for the favor of the users. Samsung is also against its long-term cooperation partner Google and its “Google Assistant”.

Hello Bixby Apk download for Samsung devices with Nougat

App name:Hello Bixby Apk
Size: 7MB
Category: Personal Assistant

Download Hello Bixby Apk

Hello Bixby Download

Download TouchWiz launcher here:

Hello Bixby apk Download

How to Install Samsung Galaxy S8 Bixby on S6, S7 and S7 Edge

With the Samsung Bixby APK available here, you can also install Bixby on any other Samsung device with Android 7 – provided you also install the latest TouchWiz launcher on your smartphone. This is absolutely necessary for the installation of Bixby.

Hello Bixby Apk supported devices:

  • Samsung Galaxy S6, S6 Edge (Nougat). S7 and S7 Edge (Nougat). J7 and J7 Prime (Nougat). On7, On 7 Pro.
  • Unfortunately Hello Bixby not work with marshmallow (Android 6) and lollipop (Android 5) devices.

Conclusion: Unfortunately, Bixby works only on Samsung devices with Android 7, the new TouchWiz launcher is required.


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