How to enable extra Gmail features


Last Update: March 2024

A great deal of people require the options to send with a delay, track or be reminded of important emails. As of today these features are not to be found even among other experimental functions in Gmail Labs. This article tells you how to enable these functions for free.

Deskun is a free Google Chrome plugin that adds useful features and simplifies work with the mailbox. Some of these features are familiar to standalone application users. Deskun brings them directly to the Gmail client.

Mail tracking

Chasing people that take their time to respond to emails? Mail tracking lets you know when your sent correspondence has been read.

Deskun adds a hidden tracking marker to the message. You will see a small green icon next to the message once it is opened.

mail tracking

mail tracking
Observing a tracked email


You can snooze an important message by setting up a reminder alert. Click the snooze button and choose the date and time for the reminder.

Accessing the snooze function

All the snoozed messages end up in the Deskun: Snooze folder. The alerts you set up can be readily seen, changed and deleted at any time here.

A snoozed message

Snoozed email will return to its initial folder as unread at the time of the alert. Snoozing is a neat way to clean up the inbox and keep track of important emails.

Message Templates

Templates will save you some time if you tend to send many emails on a given day. Standard greetings and farewells rarely change and templates allow you to take advantage of that.

message template
Creating a template

I actually do lots of correspondence with app developers concerning common ventures. I have cooked up a few templates and can always choose the one that suits the occasion.

message template
Accessing the templates

Click the template title to add its contents to the message. Saves quite a few keystrokes at the end of the day.

Send later

You will find this feature useful if you want to inform someone of something at a particular moment. It can be used to remind a colleague of a meeting right before it starts; or to inform someone of a completed update.

send later
Setting up the delay period while still writing the message

No more need to keep the small things in mind.

Additional features

These were all the free Deskun features. The developers also provide additional features to enterprises who need a helpdesk and a ticket system.

Deskun ticket system
The Gmail ticket system

These functions enable easy delegation of tasks and automatic responses.

The plugin is a nice change from similar services. My whole experience was quite easygoing with tons of uncut free of charge features.



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