Have you ever experienced this? Accidentally dropped phone in water then trying to fix. Here are some tips you should follow.

Picture this: a young 14-year-old boy goes to take a swim, he forgets that his phone is in his bathing suit’s pocket and even though he remembers .2 seconds after he dipped into the water, it’s too late, it got wet. These sort of situations happen every day, some phones are water resistant, but most aren’t. In this article we’ll tell you what to do when your smartphone gets wet.

How to Recover Data from Broken screen Android phone.

First things first, stay calm and get your phone out of the water as soon as possible, if more water filters in, it could be detrimental for your phone.

Now, let’s take a look at what you shouldn’t do:

  • Don’t turn it on if it was off.
  • Don’t press any button or key.
  • DON’T SHAKE IT, or press on it.
  • Don’t start removing the phone’s parts. Most devices come with a Liquid Damage Indicator that if it activates, it could void your warranty. If you feel like it’s imperative to disassemble the phone, do it only if you’re experienced with it or take it to someone who is.
  • Don’t blow the phone. You see, when you blow or whistle, you’re shooting saliva to the environment, this could reach internal parts of the phone that weren’t wet, causing further damage.
  • Don’t try to evaporate the water with a hair dryer or something like that. If your phone is exposed to high temperatures it could damage its internal parts.

What to do to Recover your wet Smartphone

1. If your phone wasn’t on, leave it off.

2. Remove the case or bumper if you were using one, as well as the microSD and SIM cards.

3. Remove the back cover of the phone if it’s battery removable, if you can’t, pray and keep going.

What to do to Recover your wet Smartphone
Dry well as much as you can

4. Take a cloth or an absorbent paper to dry it carefully. Don’t use a regular towel, because the fabric may get stuck on the phone. The most important thing is that the water doesn’t go to the dry areas.

5. If the water has reached a lot of parts, you can use an adapted vacuum cleaner to aspirate the water on the cracks.

6. Now you must put the phone in a plastic bag filled with raw rice. This step is one of the most important ones, as it’s the one that will dry the phone the most. Leave it there for three days, and it should be dry and good to go.

7. You should consider buying a drying bag for phones, they are pretty cheap and can be found in local electronic stores.Recover your wet Smartphone

8. After those 3 days have gone by, check that everything works perfectly, use the phone just as always, and check if the speakers work fine, make some phone calls, take some photos, etc.

9. If your phone won’t turn on, don’t panic and charge it, if it’s not charged then your battery may be damaged, replace it or dry it out on its own. If this doesn’t work then your phone could be done for good, you’ll need to take it to tech support.

Prevent rather than cure: aquatic sheath

There are ways to prevent these kinds of situations, one of the best is an aquatic sheath, a protective case that covers all your phone. One of the best cases is the Overboard, as it protects the whole phone, but it can still be used just as ever.

Today’s post is very important, many people have to buy new phones just because they dropped it on a pool or the beach and don’t know what to do. Do you have any other suggestions for our readers? Leave your comments below and join the conversation!



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