Follow these tips to create a curriculum vitae (CV) that allows you to access positions where knowledge of this language is required.

Nowadays it is more complicated to get a job but, I don’t say that its impossible get one, as there is more competition in the labor market. Therefore, each facet of our skills, training and experience must be reflected in our curriculum vitae or resume and it must be adapted to each specific job position. write a Good Curriculum vitae (CV).

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We all know that English is most widely used language in the world. And of course Its important to write our resume or CV in English. So that we can send it for vacancies in they ask for knowledge of the language as an essential requirement.

A good curriculum in English should be a document summarizing our education and work experience. Below we list points and relevant information so that your CV in English can be selected.

Tips to Write a Good Curriculum vitae (CV) or Resume

Here we guide you how to make good resume or CV with this tips and tricks.

1. Visual Attraction

This should be attractive and creative. It is important that you have personality and some element that differentiates you from the rest of the candidates.

2. Brevity 

Do not exceed two pages. You do not have to write your autobiography. It is best to include little but good, clear and relevant information rather than write lengthy paragraphs that may confuse the coach about your facets, experience and skills.

3. No photo

If you do not carry a photograph, nor will you have to specify your civil status.

4. Organized

Your resume must be very well ordered. Don’t repeat information, organize your sentences and select the appropriate words to define and explain your trajectory.

5. Structured

It is important to follow this structure, divided into four sections:

  • Personal information.
  • Work Experience.
  • Education (Education).
  • Skills and Interests.

Both in the area of ??work experience and education you must list your experience and academic titles chronologically and including the most relevant points of each of them.

6. Clarity / Spelling Correction

Be clear and brief. Do not leave half sentences or unidentified words. It is very important that after reading your resume, the Interviewer is clear about your career and education, as well as your skills and skills. It is advisable not to forget to write the professional category in each job. It is not the same to write marketing, as marketing manager or marketing executive.

Make sure you have no spelling mistakes and that your resume is perfectly understood. Send it to your friends or your English teacher to check it out.

7. Use the right words

Your CV has to convey positivity and energy. For this to happen you must use the right words. These should be motivating and proactive, avoiding repetitions, such as: Initiated, Direct, Create, Lead, Generate and Launch.

8. Honesty

It is very important that you be frank and honest. Otherwise, they will surely find out at the job interview.

Finally, before sending your CV. Make sure that you meet the requirements for the job post, if you fulfill them, send it. If not don’t fool yourself.

Download Sample curriculum vitae format:

You can download the sample the sample curriculum vitae format pdf from below link.

[PDF] Good example Resume / CV format.

For more information on how to write your resume or CV in English or to pass a job interview in this language, Ask google interactive work guide with videos and information in English to help all those who seek professional success.


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