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Best Android Games for Kids 2024 March: You have small kids or nephews at the age of learning everything. an artificial intelligence that will invade the world with deadly metal skeletons. Whatever the case may be, in the times we can leverage technology to have fun while learning. It is very important to prepare future generations in the best way and at the same time, the kids just want to play & Win for both sides, in this article we have listed some Best Android Games for Kids I hope your kids love these games.


Games for kids to play in Android phone or Tablet

1. Pizza Snake

games for kids free - piza snake app
The classic snake devouring pizza. / © Techindroid

If you were of those who played the classic Snake Nokia, you can not deprive the children of the family fun with a new snake, this time in color, ideal for children design and simple gameplay but with his degree of difficulty they are always entertained.The object of the game is to eat as many pizzas without biting possible without going off the table. With every pizza you eat the snake will win points. games for kids The game has 8 levels that will keep small very entertaining while improving their psychomotor skills and become familiar with the operation of the smartphone.

Pizza Snake
Price: Free

2. Endless alphabet

This game is perfect to start in learning English kids in the house, thus making easier the time they have to learn it at school. With a children’s obviously aesthetics, we can choose the word you want and click on it.

Endless alphabet Games for kids
Games for kids – ©Techindroid

Once inside, a voice in which for the first time will say the word and letters jumbled colors will be heard. The role of the child is to drag those letters to the corresponding shadows. Once placed, the voice that says the letter (in plain English) will be heard. As all letters are placed, the level will be passed and will be heard the voice say the word. A lot of words so that the child can learn to be unlocked as you progress.

Endless Alphabet
Price: Free

3. Animal Sounds

Teach your child to learn the names of animals and match them with the sounds they make. This fun game will challenge your child to guess the animals that sound or a pleasant voice tells you. In this game you have the advantage of being able to choose the language in which you want your little animals learn. To emphasize further that when choosing the Spanish language you can choose between Spain and Latin or English US or UK. If in the future you ever want to change the language, just go to the main screen and press for 3 seconds the top left icon.

games for kids girls
Learn the animals in a simple and friendly way. / © TechinDroid

Best Android games for kids in this game the voice is perfectly adapted to the language chosen and will be sympathetic to any child to play. The challenges go to more as you progress, first increasing the number of animals shown on screen and, once exceeded that block of challenges, will be complicated more. If you want your child to learn animals from an early age, with this game both you and your offspring gonna you are delighted.

Animal Sounds
Price: Free

4. Puzzingo

In this fun game, as you can tell from the name, it comes to putting together a series of puzzles. But it is not the typical puzzle, but a series of black holes are shown and, using the pieces that give you, you should go sliding them into the corresponding hole. In addition, for each piece, once in place, the name of the same will be heard.

Arrange the pieces in their corresponding holes as the show you. / © TechinDroid

Once completely solved the puzzle a small interactive scene where the child can press any part of the screen or drag an item to take place some effect, as can a clown a drumstick eating or honk appear while a car is on the beach. After solving the initial puzzles on the main screen you can make choosing

Once completely solved the puzzle a small interactive scene where the child can press any part of the screen or drag an item to take place some effect, as can a clown a drumstick eating or honk appear while a car is on the beach. After solving the initial puzzles on the main screen you can make choosing more free fun icon.

5. King of Math Junior

Mathematics is one of the most boring for small household subjects, but that’s because they have not learned playing. With this game you can practice and retain concepts in a much more fun way. Through a series of challenges will go up in level and gaining the less faults stars comet.

King of Math Junior
Learn math in a simple and fun way. / © TechinDroid

At the beginning it is very simple to warm sums, but as you go encounter complications. In this game the child must choose between the four options at the bottom the correct answer. The more you advance, the harder it will be. It starts with simple sums books, but later dealt with more complex problems that the player must solve. It beats the boredom that involves learning math with this game.

6. Toca Kitchen 2

Maybe your child does not know how to use a covered conditions, but you can teach and mix ingredients to taste. It’s one of the Best Android games for kids In this game you can choose different ingredients from the fridge, in which there is meat, vegetables, fruits, bread, etc. Drag the selected pigeon is in front of the person sitting (which you can choose to start the game) food. If you click the icon in the bottom right will appear series of ingredients such as sauces (ketchup, barbecue, syrup …), salt, pepper or lemon. These ingredients are used repeatedly dragging up and down on the food on the plate.

Toca Kitchen 2 - games for kids
A watermelon fried with spicy sauce is a very strange delicacy, but possible. / © TechinDroid


If you play on the right edge will appear kitchen items like a knife, a pan, a deep fryer, etc. Do not cut when, for example, fry an onion cut, or a watermelon. Let your imagination fly. When you have finished making the food, drag it from plate to mouth dinner and watch their reaction. Do not be afraid, you will not die of poisoning or denounce you for attempted poisoning.


Toca Boca Jr
Price: Free

With these educational games, your kids learn with less stress. Do you ever use any of these applications so that your children have fun learning? Do you have an application but is not on this list? Comment below


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