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Best photo gallery apps for android 2024

Every smartphone has a gallery app. But the pre-installed galleries are often quite minimalist. Third party and Google have new solutions that will help you in sorting and backing up your photos. What strengths offer these apps, we will show you best photo gallery apps for android. If you have further suggestions, you can submit this happy in my comment. best gallery app for android lollipop

Google Photos: Best Gallery app

Google photos has been dissolved in the summer of 2015 the Google + App. The result can be seen. Photos offer a pleasant surface, with the images easily sort in albums and can release as such. You can take control over who can see the photos and who can add more images to the album. Particularly helpful is that if your collect photos of colleagues and family members want to company or family events. android gallery apps

Google provides you in associate with your Google Account unlimited storage for your photos backup available. However, this applies only for images up to 16 megapixels, which are compressed subsequently by Google. This results in no visible losses, as the Huffington Post has found prove the images your Google Drive quota.

Best Photo Gallery APPS
Google’s photo app is optimized for collaboration. / © TechinDroid

there are Google Photos for Android or iOS, and the website offers a well-used interface. Thanks to Chromecast Support You can find the holiday pictures simply present on the big screen. best gallery app for moto g4 plus

Other specialties of the Photos app you can extract our special tips and tricks articles App:

Google Photos
Price: Free

QuickPic: Best Gallery app with large free memory

The Best Photo Gallery App for Android QuickPic Gallery sorted the images on your phone either by folders or by timing, provides a slideshow with transition animations and a direct shortcut to the camera. The preview images can be defined as either tile or as a list, sort options by name or date is also available. In addition, folders can be renamed comfortable and the time stamp to be corrected in each photo. Extensive settings options for the look and feel of the app completes the convincing package.

quickpic - Best Photo Gallery APPS
QuickPic: The clear photo gallery app. / © TechinDroid

QuickPic bought in January 2015 from the Chinese software company CheetahMobile . She is known for security and optimization apps like CM Security or CleanMaster. The Apps demanding but questionable many permissions and undertake aggressive advertising fit. android gallery app apk

An unofficial Classic version of QuickPic corresponding to the app before the takeover is distributed without guarantee, in the XDA-Developers forum. Thanks to Alex for reporting .

These app are all time Best photo gallery apps for Android 2024 & what other photo gallery apps do you use leave a comment below.



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