Android cleaner app is one of the best things that has happened to your android device. Buying a high-end smartphone with the latest processor is sadly never enough to keep it running without glitches. Because, you will be suffering from various lags and slowing down issues.

You might be stuffing your phone with a lot of applications running on the background. It is difficult to multitask with heavy apps which result in wearing out on its performance.

The best way to avoid such frustrations is getting the best android cleaner app onboard. Available for free download on the play store, these apps prevent slowdowns and clear more space for other resources.


Falcon Mobi Cleaner App – Android Cleaner

Falcon Mobi Cleaner is a multifunctional cleaning app for android that does its best to give you a new experience of phone optimization. With thousands of active users using the app, it is pretty good at what it does.

Apart from basic junk cleaning and killing inactive apps and processes, it actually does a lot to improve your phone’s performance and battery life.

The app is designed with a quick boosting mechanism that scans for file and locations that can be deleted without causing problems. Here is an in-depth review of how you get a faster, cleaner and smarter experience with Falcon Mobi Cleaner.

All In 1 Android Cleaner App – Falcon Mobi Cleaner

Falcon Mobi Cleaner App is all-in-one is a free android cleaner for cleaning your smartphone in just a few taps. The application comes packed with various highlighted features that lets you control various processes running on your device.

Home Screen: As you launch the application to your device, the home page is loaded with tons of useful features. It calculates the Storage and RAM used and displays in percentage. You can simply tap on it to instantly optimize your device.

Junk Cleaner, Phone Booster, Social Cleaning, Battery Saver, Duplicate Photos Cleaner and Antivirus for Android are the respective highlights of the android cleaner. Here’s everything you need to know about each feature in detail.

Junk Cleaner

Junk Cleaner

Listed on the home screen, this best junk cleaner for android will scan and remove all junk files, app caches, system caches, temp files, APK files and empty folders from your device. All you need to do is to tap on the app to start the cleaning process.

Unlike many android apps, it will seamlessly uninstall applications and delete large unwanted files you do not need anymore. It is the perfect optimization feature to unleash everything that has been holding back on your smartphone.

Get rid of annoying residual junks to boost the overall performance of the device with this section.

Antivirus for Android

Antivirus for AndroidAntivirus for Android scans and detects all files and applications that has been infected by virus or other suspicious attacks. By providing protection in real-time, it keeps your phone running at its best performance.

Falcon Mobi Cleaner gets the job of removing virus effectively. It notifies users every time a virus is detected and compels them to take appropriate action.

Phone Booster

Phone BoosterPhone Booster is one of the most highlighted feature of the android cleaner. It offers a one-tap boost to protect and optimize your lagging smartphone. There are no deceptive animations and you get an instant acceleration for the seamless experience like never before.

You get a boosted CPU performance, increased battery life, increased disk space and the best gaming potential out of your smartphone.

The trick is to disable active background processes taking up unwanted memory space and save more battery life in the process. The application also kills stealthy auto-start apps for better result.

Social Cleaning

Social CleaningEverything that you share online have a direct impact on your disk space. Social cleaning will help you shrink your digital footprint and ensure that you remove all unwanted files without going through much trouble.

The application scans all sent and received files to reclaim storage space on your Android device. It will clear cache memory, manage unnecessary files and delete social media data cluttering.

It also detects unwanted background tasks and kills them for a better browsing experience. The application is quite light, shall never hog your Android’s memory and give you a junk free RAM.

Battery Saver

Battery SaverThe battery saver feature offers a pretty brilliant way to keep a check on your battery temperature and prevent it from overheating.

Tapping on the Battery Saver button immediately analyses and displays your remaining battery life in percentage. Battery Capacity, Temperature and Usage Time also appears.

The app tracks storage space and all hardware features. It stops all heavy power consuming functions of your device.

Either choose between Default and Battery Saver mode or create a customized profile based on different battery consuming parameters. It’s that organized! Apart from offering secure charging, your phone is kept under controlled temperature.

Duplicate Photos Cleaner

Duplicate Photos CleanerDuplicate Photos listed on the menu screen is another powerful tool that lets you de-dupe your duplicate files. It does that by scanning through hundreds of photos in your gallery without the need of doing so manually.

A perfect photo organizer, this feature offers you the option to remove those images according to your will. Preview duplicate and original images for better decision making. Set degree of duplicity and save time.

You can even customize your search based on file location and folders. With the storage space recovered, you get just the optimum boost that your phone needed.

App Manager

App Manager displays all installed and archived apps with the memory space they are consuming. You can either uninstall these apps or keep a backup for the android cleaner itself.

Backing up apk files makes it easier to restore the application for future download. You also get the amount of recoverable space displayed on the screen.

Game Booster

Game BoosterThough not present in the main menu, you will find this feature under Tools & Care option. As the name suggests, this feature will offer you the most amazing gaming experience on your smartphone by turning it into a dedicated gaming console.

Your game is placed a priority by automatically shut down other unnecessary processes running on the background. This releases extra space for a smoother game play and optimized performance.

CPU Cooler

CPU CoolerAlso under Tools & Care option, CPU Cooler will alert your phone whenever it needs cooling. It displays temperature in real time. With a single tap the application is capable of decreasing the temperature of your phone.

It will disable all such applications that has been abruptly overheating your device. Tapping on Cool Down will bring your android phone to its normal temperature.

The Verdict

Falcon Mobi Cleaner is the best cleaning app for android 2018. Packed with powerful features, it is the ultimate all-in-one android optimizer for your smartphone. Download best android cleaner and give the much required boost to your phone!

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