Strategy games work on Android tablets and smartphones very well and fortunately there are a lot of best Strategy games representative of the genre. In this list, we present you the 20 best strategy games for Android.

Best strategy games for Android free download 2016

Transport Tycoon (Lite)

The classic from the PC with new graphics: In this game, is to build a transport empire. Simulation and strategy aspects go hand in hand. You take the role of the planner and company CEO, and decides on train and bus lines, and goods transport routes. Your choices affect the further development of small towns, which are distributed over the map.

In terms of graphics the game is indeed over version of the 90’s a little pimped, but the retro charm is not flawed. Some tutorials provide an introduction to the rather complex operation. With no in-app purchases and advertising comes from the paid version of Transport Tycoon, which currently costs 5.99 USD. There for additional levels and Google Play achievements are available.

Best strategy games for Android 2016best strategy games for android like age of empires

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Last Empire War Z

Best strategy games for Android 2016: In Last Empire War Z the nasty undead want to exterminate mankind. The still remaining humanity has of course something about it and blows to counterattack. The game: Last Empire War Z is a classic real-time strategy game in which your troops digging, defenses and prepares you take care of the supply within your fortress. Since not let the zombies distribute with warm words, you draw many times in the fight. It often leads to beautiful staged mass slaughter.

Anyone who wants can be similar to Clash of Kings band together with other players in order to assist them in the defense or to exchange resources with strategy games for android without internet

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Throne Rush

Whether there will ever be a new part of the Age of Empires series again, remains to be seen. Chances are it, but unfortunately very poor. After all, can reminisce old fans with Throne Rush. Everything here is the expansion of the base to huge battles in it, which has the legendary games of Ensemble Studios so popular.

Best strategy games for Android 2016best strategy games for android without in app purchases

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Lego Create Iceland

It’s one of the best strategy games, In this free Android game you can build your own Lego world from the ground. Here you are almost no limits. From a port on houses to airports Everything about build, have to your desire.Thanks to the easy control and many explanations Lego Create Iceland but not just for the young at heart Lego fans, but also what kind of small gamers who want to be on Android device your imagination run strategy games for android no internet

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Great Little War Game 2

When Android strategy game Great Little War Game of the name says it all: On relatively small and concise maps your your troops sent into battle and have to turn off the enemy general usually. What makes this strategy game for Android is that there are many different units, which offer special abilities.Only those who cleverly uses its advantages and strikes the right moment, in this Android strategy game has a chance.

The battles always running around based off – until your heads off, then the enemy – by the varied units but affects the game is always dynamic and it is often far from easy, overpower the enemy. Until you have mastered all of the more than 60 missions, it may take.

Plus points collects the Android strategy game so mainly by the scope and the gameplay, less successful is the presentation. Although the units look very nice, compared for example with Tactile Wars or Autumn Dynasty pulling “small war” but clearly the short straw. Vector, in a strategy game but is known not all!best strategy games for android free offline

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Battle for the galaxy

Android platforms always evolve to “home port” for fans of classic strategy games in the style of Command & Conquer and Age of Empires. Just as a strategy game from the “good old days” is the battle for the galaxy. The main aim is to build a strong team and send them into the field. But of course not missing the establishment of a functioning base.

What battle for the galaxy from its also good strategy colleagues Galaxy Conquest II: Space Wars is different, is the sheer number of soldiers and war tool that can send them into battle the player. If then collide opponent, a real effect fireworks display on the Android tablet that looks simply chic.

To do this, there are at Android strategy game also some, namely 50 single-player missions, also is an extensive multiplayer mode ready. The players can join together to corporations and other players, so other corporations attack.Battle for the galaxy

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Tactile Wars

To succeed in an Android strategy game, it applies not only to send a powerful and balanced combat units in the battle, the commander should also pay attention to the formation of soldiers. Exactly these formations are the very successful strategy game for Android Tactile Wars particular focus. With simple hand movements of the player draws the desired arrangement on the Android device, which then take his small fighters immediately. These commands are not only a graphical product, but the battle-ups are sometimes decide the game, because only who comes up against the aggressor the right formation, loses fewer soldiers.

experimenting with these formations is one of the great strengths of Free2Play strategy game Tactile Wars, also very well done is the simplistic graphics. In terms of mission design however only standard is on offer, the great gameplay makes this minus point but more than compensated.Tactile Wars

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Galaxy Conquest II: Space Wars – Clash of Clans in space

The strategy game for Android Galaxy Conquest II: Space Wars is reminiscent in terms of graphics very to the PC hit StarCraft 2 and the Android-mega success Clash of Clans. The optics can thus be more than impressive, but also the gameplay has much to offer. The focus is in this strategy game for Android of course also set up its own base and recruiting new combat units. The differences to Clash of Clans or Boom Beach are to be honest not too big, so Galaxy Conquest II: Space Wars can score, however, is the harmonious sci-fi setting. It’s just a nice change, not even to compete against trolls and knights, but to lead his Space Marines on other planets in the battle.

naturally belongs to scope of Android strategy game, a multiplayer mode, in which the Android gamers with players from around the world can measure.  Galaxy Conquest II: Space Wars - Clash of Clans in space

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Empires and Allies – The Command & Conquer for Android

Now, there is still no offshoot of the successful Command & Conquer series in Google Play Store, the strategy game Empires and Allies but is at least a very good alternative ready. As with games like Command & Conquer: Generals is commanded a powerful team and accompanies them to the battlefield. The handle is very intuitive and direct, making the Android gamer has its planes, tanks and foot soldiers always under control. As good as with a mouse and keyboard control is in this Android strategy game not true, Empires and Allies but shows in an impressive manner, can function as good a control in an Android strategy game.

On the graphics side would in Empires and Allies certainly still have been possible, for the Startegiespiel for Android runs absolutely smoothly even if several units are on the screen.Empires and Allies - The Command & Conquer for Android

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Autumn Dynasty – Top strategy game with fancy graphics

Autumn Dynasty (4,10 US Stand:. May 2016) is not just a damn good strategy game for Android, but it looks simply very good. The graphics look very the PlayStation 2 classic Okami and its remarkable “ink style”. to lead his troops into battle, going through the special look so much fun and is definitely eye candy. For amateur strategists but also has much to offer, because the player must be in this strategy game for Android not only look after the construction of his troops, but it is also important to establish a functioning base. Important in the fight: you should the terrain in your decisions involve, as it may be sometimes decide the game, where the troops are positioned.

Besides a good single-player campaign has the strategy game for Android also an enjoyable multiplayer mode, and challenges that are sometimes out very demanding.  Autumn Dynasty - Top strategy game with fancy graphics

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Vega Conflict – Intense fighting in space

Space, the final frontier, with endless conflicts! In strategy game Vega Conflict prevails not peace, joy and pancakes, but various factions fighting for supremacy in space. One of these warlords are of course your.In order to survive against some very clever acting AI enemies in this successful strategy game for Android, the player builds resources markets, establishes a growing space stations and are in the truest sense of the word by powerful warships in order.

Vega Conflict - Intense fighting in space
Vega Conflict – Intense fighting in space

This known strategy-mix works for Vega Conflict extremely well and thus strategy veterans will find your way, but even beginners will have with this strategy game for Android a lot of fun. What Vega Conflict is distinguished as a good level gameplay further the pretty graphics and the dedicated community. So if you prefer gambles with other space-commander, is right here!

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Mini Warriors – Small fighter, great strategy game

In strategy game Mini Warriors for Android the name says it all. Instead of leading so bloodthirsty barbarians and monsters to battle, commanded your small and some very cute hero. However, there is a more challenging strategy game, in which only the right tactics and the right formation and composition of forces leads to success Behind the cuddly facade. In addition to simply loving graphics and the many playful possibilities Mini Warriors is also distinguished by a very good multiplayer mode as well as numerous extras to unlock. But beware! The hunt for new heroes can do very addictive.Mini Warriors - Small fighter, great strategy game

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Z Origins – (Z The Game) – The cult hit returns

What is old, does not have to be bad! Exactly meets the strategy classic Z Origins, or “Z” to. Although the game of 1996 never as popular as a Command & Conquer or the Games of the Age-of-Empires series was, in terms of gameplay, it could the sheet soldiers quite compete with the strategy’s one of the best Strategy games for android.

The strategy game (it currently for 3.99 USD are) is graphically not very well aged, but the mix of real-time strategy battles and the growth of its base can even nowadays convinced – it is well known, especially in the inner values at!Z Origins - (Z The Game) - The cult hit returns

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Frozen Synapse Prime -Very nice strategy game

In Frozen Synapse Prime is nothing without planning and tactical skills! The player commands in this paid Android game (4.53 USD, as of May 2016), a unit of “Combat cloning”, which has a fantastic variety of bases and enemy facilities and take finally has. Until the action starts, it is important to draw up a battle plan successfully as possible, because when the attack begins, you can no longer intervene in the action.

Frozen Synapse Prime is especially recommended to players who like it particularly tactically and those already XCOM: Enemy Within strategy games for android 2016

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Star Command – Ideal for retro fans

Those who have always wanted to take care of all aspects of a spaceship and is a huge fan of Star Trek, this is the place for Android with Star Command. Here it is important to take care of his crew, also a spacecraft must be strengthened and there is in the vastness not only friendly aliens, it comes sooner or later to fight against vicious aliens.

So there is a lot to do and thanks to the tactical gameplay are a lot of options available to bring his crew safely through the missions. The game looks thanks to a chic retro look of not bad.Star Command - Ideal for retro fans

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XCOM: Enemy Within – Top-implementation of the console hits

XCOM: Enemy Within proves impressively may be round strategy games as exciting. one of the Strategy games for android. Why you mitfiebert with his soldiers, is partly due to the challenging enemy AI that often sets a duly pressurized. Secondly, an XCOM fighters grow over fighting very tactical very warmly, as they collect ever better equipment and skills. Very well done is the multiplayer mode.XCOM: Enemy Within - Top-implementation of the console hits

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Worms 3 – The worms rock on Android

The successful Worms series has existed for 20 years and we will probably hunt even in the next 20 years and beyond with bazookas, machine guns or exploding sheep small worms in the air. Anyone who has tried one of the many off shoots, knows that it needs a lot of tactical skill and a little luck to shoot all enemy worms of the game map. Although not all tracks real fun grenades, especially the 3D Desk underperformed expectations that 2D games are but a major triumph and their age almost no one notices them.

One of the best representatives of the “2D Worms series” is Worms 2: Armageddon, released for Xbox 360 and a year later for PSN and iOS originally of 2009. Since 2013 it is also in the Google Play Store for USD 4.99 (as of May 2016) are available.

Worms 3 - The worms rock on Android
Strategy games for android

Fans of the series and newcomers should definitely access, because the title makes even years after release is still a lot of fun. Also recommended is Worms 3.

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Hitman Go – Smart strategy game with Agent 47

With the known gameplay of Hitman series from Square Enix Hitman Go does not have much in common. because the fee-title is more like a game of “Ludo” as a stealth game. Freedom of movement has the hitman in fact not, but he can only move on predetermined paths. This does not mean that the game has no options. But on the contrary.

Only those who tactically his footsteps plans opponents off silently and changes his clothes in this demanding but never unfair strategy game for Android has a chance. For VR fans there Hitman Go now as Virtual Reality Edition .Hitman Go - Smart strategy game with Agent 47

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Plague Inc. – YOU are the plague!

Another Best strategy game for android Whether it is morally reprehensible to spread a plague throughout the world and so extinguish the people, everyone must decide for themselves. The fact is that Plague Inc. is an excellent strategy game where the player many tactical opportunities could be allocated to … bring a plague upon mankind.Plague Inc. - YOU are the plague!

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All above-listed games are the Best strategy games for Android 2016 edition. What other games are you think the best strategy games Drop your comments below. Share this cool collection with your friends