A waterproof activity bracelet, with heart rate meter, display and battery with 20 days of standby time comes cheap price, can you ask for more? This is the Xiaomi Mi Band 2.

Xiaomi is one of the top leading smartphone manufacturer, Now its one of the popularization manufacturers since introducing the Mi Band at lower price. When any other Smart Watch was around  $100, even a few more. Xiaomi offered what the rest offered for about $20 not much more.

When someone offers a product at a good price, it’s not difficult to make their place in the market and earn a good reputation. However the first launch of Xiaomi band had some limitations on the Mi Band: Limited availability to Chinese online stores. The software which was initially only in Chinese, then in English And is only available in Spanish unofficially.Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Review: The Best Cheapest Smartband you can Buy now!

Now the thing has changed, more and more people loved the benefits of this brand and is worth to buy. The software has improved and the bracelet is much more advanced.

Xiaomi Mi Band 2, A Complete Smartband

Although the price is one of the most attractive features of this Smartband there is much more and is that the Mi Band 2 is one of the most complete bracelets we can find . Here we leave some of the

Technical Features of the Mi Band 2

Display: 0.42 “OLED.
Dust and waterproof: Yes, IP67.
Bluetooth: 4.0 BLE.
Battery: 70 mAh battery (up to 20 days of use).
Notification: For messages and vibration for calls.
Weight: 7 grams.
Dimensions: 40.3 × 15.7 × 10.5 mm.
Body: Plastic and aluminum for the body and thermoplastic copolyester for the belt.

It Records steps, calories, distance, heart rate and sleep.

As you see, it has many advanced and technical features;  we can have all this at such a low price.

Mi Band 2 On hands

Xiaomi Mi Band 2, A Complete SmartbandThe main advance feature of the Mi Band 2 with respect to its simple LED display. I find it a huge success to have used a simple LED display. The advantage of this is that we save a lot of battery in the use of the day to day.

The screen of the Mi Band 2 gives us the basic information. The first screen is the hour, and we simply have to make the move to look at the time for it to activate and we can see it. It works quite well, although as with any other bracelet that is activated this way there are always bugs. To be able to manually activate the screen have put a capacitive button below, very convenient to use.

If the screen is on we can move through the different options offered by this band with the button that also turns on. The second screen is the daily summary of steps, which indicates the steps we have taken until that day, and the third screen the pulse, which if justify unmoved will begin to measure the pulse.

Regarding the heart rate meter, there is the possibility of activating the automatic pulse taking but, I prefer to carry a control, in addition this helps to extend the battery even more. I have contrasted with another bracelet and Sunnto heart rate monitor and the results are good.

Notifications with My Band 2

Of course the Mi Band 2 also serves as notification of notifications of the phone, sending with a vibration said notification to the bracelet. We can select which apps notify and which are silent, very useful for those who do not want to have the bracelet vibrating constantly at the wrist with notifications from the WhatsApp group for the barbecue on Sunday.Notifications with My Band 2

Monitoring activity and sleep

The two main functions, besides the notifications are those of monitoring activity and sleep. The operation is very simple, basically the bracelet keeps track of the steps and movement that we make throughout the day. Here it is limited to only this, since the only activity capable of detecting are steps, nothing more.Monitoring activity and sleep

As for sleep detection is automatic. Simply go to sleep and the bracelet detects our dream activity without having to tell us. From there he will record the type of dream we have, dividing in deep and light.

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Original Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Smart Watches for Android iOS – CHINESE EDITION BLACKBuy Mi Band 2

Mi Band 2 is a smartband with water resistance, 20 days of standby, screen and price without competition. Xiaomi Mi Band 2 is one of the best tech gadgets for the price it has, very complete and almost without competition in its range. I hope this review helpful to you, See you until the next review.


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