Samsung has the wind in its sails! The Korean firm would have achieved the record in net profits of the second quarter 2017! Sales would have even become so good that Samsung would sign its best financial quarter since 2013.

How to explain the manufacturer’s blazing financial performance?

This is the fair good news this week for Samsung! Already predicted to crush Intel as the largest processor vendor in the world, the Korean firm would have managed to generate much more profit in April, May and June than in previous quarters! The company would have even broken its own record that dates back to 2013!

Why does Samsung generate so much money?

According to quarterly forecasts, Samsung have generated up to 12 billion dollars in net profit! In its previous record, the firm had reported only 7 billion dollars. By way of comparison, Apple isn’t have had such a good quarter and would have earned only $10 billion.

Samsung Galaxy S8 vs S8 Plus.

This is the first time that the Korean exceeds the benefits of his American rival. Samsung would also anticipate profits from brands like Amazon, Facebook, Google and Netflix over the same period! From a stock market point of view, Samsung has seen the value of its stock grow by more than 30% since January!

What explains the success of the manufacturer?

It is mainly its profitability in the field of the manufacture of storage chips that benefits them. Our production lines are reliable and efficient, attracting many customers and generating large orders. Apple has just ordered more than one million storage chips from its rival!

Another positive conjecture for Samsung: the demand for brands in terms of OLED tiles has never been so strong! The demand would exceed even the offer proposed by Samsung ! Here too Apple is no stranger, the firm of Tim Cook has indeed ordered more than 70 million OLED screens to the factories of the Korean manufacturer!

Another factor to take into account is the success of the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus released earlier in the year. All of these successes erase the controversy of the past year around the Galaxy Note 7 as well as the recent legal debates of Samsung vice president Jay Y. Lee, arrested by the authorities in a corruption case.


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