Last Update: December 2021
Are you looking for the latest working Robi Free Internet settings 2021 for free Browsing & Downloading on Bangladesh. Here ya go. robi free net proxy

Robi Free net setting 2021 December: Hello everyone, Who all wants to use unlimited 3G / 4G internet for free Of course everyone does. But are you wondering how it will be possible? The answer is “yes”, you can use it if you have an android phone. In robi sim there are several methods available for use free net without paying money. Unfortunately robi blocked these tricks earlier. We have updated this article with new working settings.

There are many apps available for access open internet, And is very simple. Free net also masks user’s location and able to surf anonymously & allow access to blocked web content normally. We are sharing the free VPN apps which give you a free net in robi sim. Robi Free Internet 2021

Updated latest working settings for December!

Trick No. #1

1. Robi Psiphon free net setting 2021

Psiphon VPN is an open source navigation tool for who wants to bypass the ISP firewall censorship around the world. It uses VPN system to mask our connection along with SSH and HTTP Proxy hiding techniques. robi free net by vpn

Psiphon handler is the modified version of psiphon app. Handler settings can be used for access open internet on robi sim.

1 Download and install Psiphon handler app on your android phone.

2 Create a new APN profile on your Android phone.

Name: Robi freenet

3 Open the app and you will see the handler options.

4 Set proxy type as “Dual Real host” or “Host

5 Enable remove port.

6 Now enter the following text on Proxy server box.


robi free net setting

7 Finally tap “save” button. Now you will be prompted for Select tunneling method, Select “Tunnel whole device method!”robi free net

8 And allow psiphon to create vpn network on your phone. That’s it, Now wait for some secs you will be get connected successfully.psiphon robi free internet

Psiphone free internet is more effective than opera handler. We can use free net on all apps like uc browser, facebook messenger & whatsapp etc.

Robi Free net Setting #2

2. With Web tunnel VPN

WebTunnel is a best VPN tool, By using it we can surf the Internet safely and anonymously. We will only have to choose the server through which we want to connect. Let’s see how it work.

  • Open the app & configure it as follows.
  • Select Any server from the list & Next in the ‘Header Host‘ box put the below homepage address.
  • Now change the ‘Fast HTTP‘ into “SSL” because it gives high-speed.robi free net using web tunnel
  • Finally hit connect button & Allow permissions, wait for some secs, Voila you will be get connected.
  • After got connected with web tunnel; Open the browser and start browsing and downloading.Robi free internet UC browser

Free accounts limited to use of 150 MB / Day; If you want to use unlimited data then try our Web tunnel free premium account.

Note: UC browser is best for download

Robi Free internet Setting #3

3. Opera Handler robi free net 2021 apk

Since the Opera Mini handler is a great alternative to surf the robi free Internet from an Android. It has everything you need to make it a pleasure and above all, to make it a fast and smooth experience. robi free net for android

1 At first download & install Opera mini handler Apk [Here]

2 Once you have installed it on your android phone;Turn on Mobile data on Robi & open the Opera handler app.

3 Scroll down the handler options & look for the “Proxy type” and set as “Real Host”.

4 Then enable Remove port.

5 Now enter the following text on Proxy server box.robi free internet

6 Finally click save button, That’s it guys now your all set just wait for opera mini completely load. After that you can surf free internet via robi sim with opera handler.robi free internet 2021

These two hacks are currently working very well on robi sim in 2021 – 2021. Does this settings working for you? Leave a comment.



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