How to create a WordPress Blog in 2020

How to Create a WordPress blog using  is one of the best solutions to any person or professional who tries to give greater visibility to their project.
Because doing a blog today (whether personal, professional, corporate, for a business or online store, etc.), is a cornerstone for any digital strategy.
Perhaps it is not clear how powerful it is for our personal or corporate brand have this excellent communication tool, not to mention how advantageous it is to better position themselves on the Internet.
I wonder why:

Need help learning how to create your blog? You know what the best platform or CMS to do?

Many people write me at this issue, that is, want to know How to create a WordPress Blog for your project. If you were looking How to manually install WordPress on your hosting server, you should follow the link mentioned. 
Thinking about the best way to help those entrepreneurs who need guidance in order to have your own blog.
Jason, thanks to his experience as co-founder of TechinDroid, I think that is the one to share with you a step by step tutorial on this subject.

How to make a WordPress blog for your project? video tutorial includes step by step for newbies

How to create a WordPress Blog step by step tutorial
Everyone thinks that create a wordpress blog is a complicated task, a job that requires some technical knowledge, and I will not be me who says otherwise.
Although, as with everything in life, no one is born knowing and all we learn to do anything.

 How to Create a WordPress blog 2020

Therefore, anyone who can devote the necessary effort to learn how to create a blog on WordPress and start writing.

Why do a blog with WordPress (WP)?

Because he is quite intuitive and is not too complex to handle when user-level CMS.
Of course, it takes time and perseverance catch him “the hang” this platform to get the maximum performance and to get to use any plugin or professional theme that is available for this CMS.
That’s why in this article we will see how to set up a blog with WordPress step by step and in a logical order for all the actions we undertake.
We will also see the creation process is so simple that today anyone can have a blog corporate staff, professional or to write on.
And as I want to be as educational and interactive as possible, I will describe how to create a blog based on a real case and with different screenshots and video tutorials that will simplify the task even more

 10 Steps to create a blog using WordPress

To mount or create a blog must meet three basic requirements:
As I said above, in this world no one is born knowing: everyone can learn to perform any action if it proposes, it puts forward and is really interested in learning.
Still, to create a blog there is always some “secondary” requirements that we will explain below:
You need to have a computer or some kind of device that has more or less big screen and allow us to connect to Internet. It is recommended that either a laptop or a desktop computer, since the tablets can become somewhat limited when performing certain types of actions are going to do during the process.
You must have a good internet connection (obviously), since much of what we do need an online job or online.
It is necessary, or at least highly recommended, have some ease to surf the Internet, because to learn to perform certain actions more or less technical, it is first necessary to know the basis to perfection.
NO still you need to have WP, no hosting or anything like that. To that we will manage this guide for how to create a blog with WordPress in 10 steps.


(First Step)
Choosing a good domain for the website is a very important thing and depend entirely on the direction that you want to give the blog that will create.
The domain name is the “word” through which visitors can access the blog, for example“” . This type of name is registered or “rent” for a minimum of 1 year (although it depends on the extension).
The hosting is the server that is responsible for creating a blog on WordPress, this is always online and available to visitors 365 days a year and 24 hours a day.
Broadly speaking, it is a server or permanently connected to the Internet to a web hosting service to receive and accept visits web entering the computer.
The quality of a hosting depends on two basic characteristics:
  • Not have frequent falls, that is, having a high uptime or online time. Incidences almost always going to be, but it is important to minimize and mitigate quickly.
  • Have a quality technical support and language that us be us more comfortable. The support should cover 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, and the response times should be acceptable.
In many places they say that for a web hosting starting any works, but this is false: it is always better to start with the right foot and with the necessary assistance in case of future problems.


Obviously the name varies depending on the subject, the type of blog created and tastes of the author.
But we must follow the following rules to have a good name:
  • It is good to choose a name easy to remember for everyone, because in certain situations get anyone to enter without having to spell it.
  • The name can not be too long, because if it is, it will be difficult to remember. Moreover, this can be bad for SEO, as we will be much more limited when it comes to naming the internal pages.
  • If we make a blog that is targeted to a certain audience, it might be interesting to take a key domain of the subject to which we try to orient word.
  • If we create a blog that represents a brand, perhaps the best option is to use the same name or a variation of it.
  • The URL is forever, so it is not recommended to be changing every now URL (this directly affects the SEO)While changing the URL with the right knowledge is easy, it is recommended in terms of web positioning and branding will always be the same.
  • It is important to avoid strange characters, because they can cause problems on some servers (although there are fewer problems with this).
NOTE: You could write a post of more than 2000 or 3000 words on how to choose the perfect domain name, but this is not the purpose of this article, so I recommend paying attention to the above rules and try to choose a definitive domain .


So let’s start this process by hiring a hosting and a domain with Bigrock later install WordPress and create a blog on it.
GoTo And click on Hosting option Then select WordPress Hosting 
Bigrock wordpress hosting
If we want to register only 1 domain for free (1 extension) you can click on the button “Continue” .
Bigrock WordPress hosting plans
We mark the first option called register a new domain” and then introduce the domain in the corresponding box.
Bigrock register new domain
Finally, press the button “Continue” to see whether the domain is free.
By clicking “Continue” will verify whether the domain is free and, if so, we appear on the same screen the option to choose the time periodAnd at the bottom, if we want more than one domain name.
Click Add button to add your domain to cart  Then Click on Checkout button
Bigrock Checkout
Now we first summary of our order will appear. If we agree with the first steps and we want to install WordPress we can move to the next step by pressing the button again “proceed to payment” .
Now we have to confirm some data for the domain, and some extensions even have to enter an identification document such as NIF, CIF, residence permit or other document (depending on country of origin):
Finally, if everything is in order, login or Signup your Bigrock account then Complete payments.
The next step is almost one of the last.
Here we review the order (remember that the domain is free). If we agree we press the button“Pay now” and move to the next step, where we fill with our data the customer file and choose the payment method.
Finally we accept the terms and conditions by checking the checkbox at the end, and finally press the button “Complete order” .
That way, and finally, we were directed to the page where completed the purchase, so that the hosting service is activated and the new domain is registered.
There are a couple of things to keep in mind:
  • The final registration of the domain may take activated completely between 1 and 48 hours, this depends on the domain extension.
  • If we checked the option to automatically install WordPress, hosting what will be installed by default, data will be sent to email and you can start to shape the blog / web.
When activated the hosting receive an email with all access data hosting and if at the time we mark the option to install WordPress automatically, also send us an email with the access data to the desktop or back-end WP.
As a next step, we entered the desktop WordPress to perform basic installation and configuration actions.


When making the hiring of hosting to create a blog, selecting preinstalled WordPress us reach our mail access data to the platform create a wordpress blog.
Its appearance is as follows:
Wordpress confirmation mail
We should use them to enter the back-end of the blog created in WordPress, where we can see something like this:
Wordpress login page
If you enter your username and password correctly without any problems we can access the desktop or back-end of our WordPress installation, which has by default looks like this:
wordpress dashboard
First of all, if our installation has “Clef” , we deactivate and uninstalled Clef.
What’s more, we will disable and uninstall all WordPress plugins that brings us to clean default installation create a wordpress blog.
For this click on “Plugins” and “Installed Plugins”
Wordpress manage plugins
We may have more plugins listings, but better delete them all. First we click “Disable” (if they are still active) and immediately press the button “Delete” .
The next thing we will do is go to “Appearance” and the submenu “Themes” . We pass the mouse over each (minus the principal and active) elements and click “Theme Details”Wordpress manage themes In each of the tabs you will see a link below to the right places “Delete” and we click:
How to create a WordPress Blog
In this section we “Appearance” clean failing to add us the theme that we will use to shape our new site.
The next thing we will do is go to “Tickets” and delete the entry that appears by default. To leave our WordPress blog entirely clean also we delete it from the recycle bin:

All right. Now that we have our web clean, without the elements that brings by default and that really only serve as a simple example, let’s start with the basic configuration of WordPress in the section “Settings” .

“Settings” has several elements where we can configure most basic aspects of WordPress, and although many of the options are simple, it is advisable to give much importance to this configuration, as it will define the basic operation of our blog in WordPress in the future .
To see the whole process dynamically, I recorded a video with a story step by step all this first process:
So this article all about How to create a WordPress Blog and write a first article on web . Why are you waiting for Go and launch your dream site with wordpress.


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