Your company’s website has all sorts of important information. From contact details to product listings, there’s a lot of data for a visitor to digest. But one detail that you don’t want to leave off of your website is a value proposition.

A value proposition is what gets people interested in learning more about what your business offers and how you’re different from competitors. The right value proposition can have a huge impact on conversions and sales.

Keep reading to learn about the correct approach to creating a value proposition that drives measurable results for your business.

Determine Your Business’ Main Benefit

It can be hard to consolidate your many benefits into one big one, but when creating a value proposition, it’s a must.

Take the time to really think about what single core benefit you offer that will really resonate with consumers. What makes you stand out from the rest of your industry? Why should people use your product? How do you make their lives easier, better, or more convenient?

Once you identify a core benefit, hone in on it. Make it the focus of your value proposition. Let people know just how you can impact their daily lives.

Make Your Product Shine

Your value proposition is less about your brand and more about your product. You need to put your product in the spotlight and show why it stands out among your competition. To do this you’ll want to make your product seem:

  • Innovative
  • Unique
  • Ambitious

You can only talk about your product so much. If your value proposition claims that what you offer is amazing, one-of-a-kind, and life-changing, it had better be nothing short of that. Providing a product that lives up to the promise will leave your competitors in the dust.

Make it Valuable

There’s an art behind crafting an effective value proposition. You need to write a few words that grab a consumer’s attention and then convince them to take action, such as learning more about your business or purchasing a product.

In order for a value proposition to be useful, it must be valuable. Every consumer that lands on your website wants to know how your product benefits them – so tell them just that.

Use your proposition to explain the value of your business. Explain what people get out of doing business with you. Make it exciting and impactful. If you’re not sure where to start, check out some of these good value proposition examples.

Use Your Value Proposition to Solve a Problem

Consumers not only want to know how great or unique your product is. They also want to know how your product benefits them, or how it solves a problem. There’s nothing more valuable than creating a product that solves a long-burning issue that no other product seems to be able to resolve.

Using your value proposition, you want to make people confident that your product will make life easier, better, or more convenient.

For example, maybe your target audience struggles with social media management. Offer a tool that makes managing multiple social platforms a breeze. Or maybe your target audience is wasting money on tools that just don’t work. Help them save time, money, and frustration with your innovative product.

Keep it Clear and Concise

Your value proposition shouldn’t read like a white paper. Remember, you’re trying to capture a broad concept for a broad audience, and while this can be tricky, it’s vital that you keep it clear and concise.

Avoid using overly technical words or industry jargon that won’t make much sense to the everyday consumer. Look at how your audience speaks and use words that are familiar to them. This way they’ll understand your value proposition and will be able to take it to heart.

Make it Visible

Once you’ve created a solid value proposition, the next step is to ensure that it’s seen by every consumer that lands on your business website. To do this, make sure that the value proposition is placed above the fold. This means that the proposition should be in plain view; visitors shouldn’t have to scroll to see it.

It’s also important to make the value proposition stand out. Chances are that there’s a lot to look at on your website. To draw a viewer’s eyes, use plenty of whitespace, font styles, and a unique heading and subheading design. You can also incorporate a graphical element into the value proposition to make it pop on the page.


Knowing the right approach to creating a value proposition not only makes the development process easier, but it also ensures that you’re creating something that will produce results. With the right value proposition, consumers will be more inclined to purchase from your business versus buying from a competing brand.


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