Last Update: September 2023

Nobody can resist the fact of copying all kind of interesting and trending functions from the popular apps nowadays, not even Skype, that this time, added filters to its software just like the Instagram ones. This new function it’s not something that we didn’t expect, after all the other things they did like incorporating Slack notifications, or even the recently added mention option. In any case, this changes that suddenly came to Skype is without a doubt the true approach that Microsoft wants for this service.

These filters are empowered by artificial intelligence, just like the majority of filters that apps like Instagram or Snapchat let us enjoy.

The new Skype filters 2023

According to the statement published by Skype in its official blog, they have incorporated a variety of filters with smart effects, special stickers, legends or colors for the photos or Highlights. The real thing we are interested is, of course, the smart photographic filters. We, as users, have the opportunity to customize every post, from selfies to group pictures, or even funny filters for our pets. But how can we use Skype new filters? Well, that’s easy! Let us explain this to you real quick. Also have a look at our guide to use Skype Translator.

How to Get Filters on Skype

To use the filters, we must capture an image first, then we just press the magic wand button at the top of the screen to access the effects of the photo.

After that, we must swipe to the right to see the different photo effect options available. We can choose between many effects such as an ingenious legend, a celebrity look, a smart face sticker, location, weather, or even a mystery face change.


The difference with other platforms is that Skype ensures that the available filters will change constantly, not only on special dates or celebrations like the thing Instagram did for the past Halloween for example, but that every week they are going to change and rotate, so the next time we login into our account we might not see them. That’s why we don’t want to miss the chance and take as many photos as we wish with every filter!

The truth is that Microsoft adds Instagram/Snapchat like filters on Skype as an effort to diversify and serve both business users who use the platform as a communication tool or for those who want to have fun and look at Skype more like a social network. Whatever the case is, the things we are sure of is that there is room for everyone, so don’t miss this new function and give a try to Skype’s latest innovation.


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