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Top 15 Most addictive Android Games 2023: Are you fed up with the same old games? We present these brand new games with which you will be bored in a second. Here you have the best Android addictive games that you may not know but, once you do, you won’t be able to avoid yourself from playing it.

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These games bring together several qualities, such as great design and unique nature. If anything distinguishes them from the rest is that they are addictive. Sorry for your battery but, once you start with one of them you will not be able to stop. most addictive android games 2015.

 The Most Addictive Android Games ever

1. Crossy Road

Its one of the most addictive android games 2023 have you ever played Atari’s frog?. Crossy Road will take you back to your childhood. This game retains the same dynamic but its 8-bit graphics hide a certain 3D touch. The best thing is that you will be able to with up to four friends online.

Crossy Road
Price: Free

2. Color Switch

Color Switch is a very simple but, at the same time stressful game, common figure of many of the games of the list. In it you must travel with a ball that crosses circles and other geometric shapes. To enter them you have to match the color of the ball with that of the edge of said shapes making use of the tap. most addictive android game 2016.

As you level up the forms are multiplying as well as the speed of the screens. It is a colorful and simple game, but with the passage of levels is complicated as few. It is also free.

Most addicting games android market

TechinDroid Switch color 65
Color switch. / © TechinDroid

3. Super Hexagon addictive android games apk

Super Hexagon is a game to go crazy with a very cool retro design. In this arcade game you have to get a light chip to escape the closures of polygons, increasing speed. To play this game is easy but, fascinating at the same time. most addictive games ever android.

Its not suitable for cardiac patients. It is one of the paid game. It costs $ 2.37 on Google Play but in my opinion it’s worth it. There are some free copies of the game that are not at all comparable. addictive android games apk.

Super Hexagon
Price: €2.69

4. Twist

Twist is a game in which you have to go passing a ball from one platform to another while you are moving towards the front of the screen at full speed. If you do not do it at the right time the ball will fall into the void and you are lost. most addictive android mobile games.

It only has a game mode very simple but, at the same time not easy. The typical game that when you catch the quiet you are lost. To me personally it is the worst of all I am given.

Most addictive android games

most addictive android games
Let the ball pass from one piece to another. / © TechinDroid

Price: Free

5. Do not Tap the White Tile

This game imitates the keyboard of a piano in which you can not touch the black letter to form melodies. It’s a classic and there are many different versions on Google Play. As we advance the speed of the game multiplies and has several modes, such as Zen, Rush, in batches or the classic mode in which you have to skip as many keys as possible at a specific time. It is one of the most legendary games of Android but some may not know.

 Do not Tap the White Tile
An addictive classic. / © TechinDroid

6. Badland

Perhaps the most famous addictive games of the lis. Badland, has won the game award of the year 2014 at the International Mobile Gaming Awards. But, still many users still do not know. You can not stop playing this game and not only for its dynamics. Which is basically that of any other platform game, but mainly for its aesthetics and atmosphere.

The game takes place in a dark world but at the same time full of beauty, where the dangers alternate with dreamlike landscapes. It has two ways of playing, single player and multiplayer, in which you can play up to 4 friends. Addictive, beautiful, entertaining and indispensable.

Badland is a must have game. / © TechinDroid

Price: Free

7. Little Things Forever

Little Things Forever is game makes you crazy but you like. In the game you will go through different levels in which you have to find objects that have joined together forming larger objects or animals. Quiet, you can zoom to keep your eyes.

The game will tell you the order and the number of objects you have to find of each type to be able to pass level. It also has a system of clues, so that when you can not take it anymore and it is impossible to find an object, the game will lend a hand.

Little Things Forever
Get ready to run out of eyes. / © TechinDroid

When you complete levels you will receive pieces for a puzzle, which you will have to solve at the end. The design and color of this game will make your addiction hours fly by.

8. Monsters Ate My Birthday Cake

Is there anything cooler than killing your enemies by spitting a rainbow? Probably not. This cake-filled game has a spectacular design and is hilarious. You have several characters, always monsters (there are good and bad monsters) and with them they must go through levels, fleeing and killing rivals, solving puzzles and puzzles.

It has a great absurd point. MAMBC is an authentic jewel with a unique design that you will spend the hours dead. The only bad thing is that it costs $ 4.10, but it’s worth it.

9. Hopeless: The Dark Cave

This game is not suitable for cardiac, but its atmosphere is also wonderful. A fearful solitary gunman is alone in the middle of the darkness where monsters attack him from any point. The gunman’s scary face is priceless. You have to end the monsters by simply tapping them, and for this you will have different types of weapons.

9. Hopeless: The Dark Cave
There are times when it becomes scary. / © TechinDroid

It is a fast-paced game of those who provoke anxiety and is perfect for playing at night, in the dark, and with headphones on. Not fit for scary.

10. Osmos

We went from terror to relaxation. Osmos is a world apart, more than a game is an experience. You will become a “galactic speck” in the middle of the space that fuses with others. The mechanics of the game are based on physics.

It has some spectacular graphics and its music will transport you to the tranquility of space. It’s a mix of environmental experience and gameplay, but the easiest thing is to get carried away and get you hooked right away.

10. Osmos
Osmos can not be explained, you have to prove it. © TechinDroid

It has 72 levels and 8 different worlds, which are unlocked as you advance. It also has a multiplayer mode. I had no idea that this game existed and in two minutes it has become one of my favorites list.

Osmos HD
Price: $2.49

11. Minigore 2: Zombies

In this case without plants. In Minigore 2: Zombies you are a gunman who has to fight hordes of undead. In the game you must help him or another of the 20 available characters to kill zombies of different types and monstruites of different kinds. There are up to 60 types of enemies. It has 300 levels. The graphics and their colorful make this game another delight for the eye, beyond its high level of addiction.

11. Minigore 2: Zombies
Feast of blood. / © TechinDroid

Minigore 2: Zombies
Price: Free

12. Icon Pop Song

We went from zombies to Britney Spears, which for the case is the same. Icon Pop Song is a game in which you have to guess the title of the songs or the name of the artists who play it listening a few seconds of the chords of the song. most Addictive Android Games ever – 2023.

This game is a real addictive and once you start you can not stop until you hit the happy song.  If you are one of those who listen to international pop this is your game. It’s harder than it looks, I’ve stuck with the first song but, it’s worth it and it’s free.

Top 15 most Addictive Android Games ever - 2020
Match songs and artist names. / © TechinDroid

13. Angry Birds 2

Angry Birds 2 also added in this list. After having opened almost addictive games category at the time.

Its a second part brings an important graphic improvement and up to 240 levels. In addition to dozens of new characters. Another novelty is that now you can choose which bird you want to play in each phase, before they came pre-defined. If you were ever addicted to Angry Birds at least you have to give your second part a chance. You can download it from Google Play here and it’s free.

13. Angry Birds 2
Angry Birds 2 is still just as addictive. / © TechinDroid

Angry Birds 2
Price: Free

14. The Nightmare cooperative

Another game that leaves you with no words and no time to live. Its minimal music, its elegance, its retro graphics, its atmosphere and and its design will conquer you from the first screen. It is a kind of strategy puzzle game in 10 moves and has a series of gothic characters without waste, each with different powers. You can play with several characters at once and, honestly, we think it’s worth the $ 3.59 it costs.

15. Microtrip

Microtip is another best addictive game that causes anxiety but, will make you forget all your problems in a second. This game is an arcade that takes place inside the human body. The goal is very simple: enter the body as far as you can. You become a kind of cell that enters the body and you have to deal with bacteria and different bugs. You must get as far as possible safe and sound and you can help by eating white cells to increase your resistance, like life itself.

most addictive android games 2020
Slide into the human body. / © TechinDroid

A game with a great concept and entertaining. It’s free and you’ll probably hook it up and try it out. We end up our addictive android games list 2023 edition.

Price: Free

16. Solitaired


This gaming site is offered on desktop and Android. The vast library of games will keep players endlessly entertained. Try out classics like Solitaire, Spider, Freecell, Hearts, and even Yahtzee all for free. Players have the option to create an account where they can track progress and see themselves on the leaderboard. Check it out on Google Play or their official website.

These are the most addictive games for android smartphone and tablets 2023. What do you think the listing? Did you know these games? What other addictive games do you know? let us know by comment.



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