Last Update: September 2023

Are You a Music lover? If yes, then you would know What is Spotify and What are the benefits of using the same. Well, if you aren’t aware of Spotify, it is a live music streaming app that allows you to play your favourite genres on your computer or mobile. However,  Its is not yet termed as the best of all music streaming apps as still many are finding spotify alternative. Are you one of them? Dont worry, I am here to provide you solution for your problem. In this article, we are going to discuss about the 10 Best Spotify Alternatives.


10 Best Music Streaming Apps that can be used as Spotify Alternatives 2023

According to some research, I have listed down few spotify alternatives. Few of them are web services and few are music stores. Just keep reading till the end to find the perfect match for your taste.

1. iTunes Music Store

iTunes music store was first developed by Apple and last year itself It became world’s largest Music vendor. iTunes Music store provides more than 44 million of music. You can enjoy streaming your favourite songs from a wide list of genres available. You can also play songs in the in-built radio. There is a purchase option available too, where you can purchase your preferred songs, albums, etc. You can also upgrade to iTunes match which provides you advantage of syncing all your songs to the cloud. This feature will play the most preferred music according to your music collection style.

2. Amazon Music

Recently launched in India, Amazon Music provides DRM- free streaming music service. Besides just offering music services, Amazon Music allows you to download and upload songs in the cloud from your Amazon player app. Amazon Music also has access to 30 million+ songs

What’s best?

If you already are a member of Amazon Prime, then you can get access to Amazon Music for 1 year absolutely free!!!

3. Google Play Music

Google play music is similar to iTunes Match As it allows you to upload 50,000+ music to the online locker in the cloud so that you can access all your music from any device. You just need to log in with the Google Account that you used to upload the songs. It is one of the best alternatives to Spotify Premium apk for Android and iOS.

The Best benefit of using Google play music is that you will get free songs storage.
For that, you need to subscribe monthly streaming service that will cost you only $10 per month.

4. Apple Music

Apple Music has the same music content like iTunes. The only difference is, you can access iTunes as long as you have access to Apple Music. Also, whenever you turn on Apple Music from iOS device, you can do deep integration with any other device too. You can also live stream iTunes Radio from beast 1 live radio which is broadcasted worldwide from Los Angeles, New York and london.

5. Pandora

Pandora is also one of the best online streaming radio web service. Just like spotify, you can make personalized playlist, skip songs and many other awesome services. Pandora provides music library which has more than 1 million music content. If you subscribe the premium version by paying $4 per month, you can stream music without countering annoying ads.

6. Deezer

Deezer is another great music streaming website which has tons and tons of music tracks available online. You can enjoy these songs on different devices or platforms too. You can only get paid membership of Deezer, but one must admit that it is worth every penny you spend as the sound quality provided is 320kp/s. Deezer is wonderful alternative to spotify and also it is available in 100 countries all over the world.

7. Rdio

Rdio is another great alternative to spotify which allows you to access personalized streaming content. You can also listen to themed radio stations for live radio’s using Rdio. It has an clean and attractive interface too. Rdio is free, but if you can pay $4.99 per month then you can stream music online as well as offline.

8. Stereomood

As the name “Stereomood” says, It suggests you songs according to your mood For example: If you express yourself in happy mood, you will get all genres according to that in your playlist.

As stereomood offers pre-customizable playlist edits, one can set songs to use in future. The AI will track and play music everytime you select a particular mood. Stereomood iOS app can be integrated to iTunes which allows you to make purchases from iTunes too.

9. Gaana

Gaana is also known as india’s first music station. It also consists of international music tracks. However, the international catalog is available to indian users only for now. Gaana users can create and share their playlists in public so that others can also use them. As of now, service supports only 21 languages including Hindi, English, Marathi and Punjabi too

10. Tidal

Tidal is a subscription based music streaming app. It has millions of music stock within itself. The service is well known for its high quality music. Tidal has more than 3 million subscribers and it keeps on increasing every month. So these were the top 10 best spotify alternatives that will provide you the best music experience.

Hope you have chosen the best one for you according to your taste of music. We have provided you with all the research we conducted. Also, we will be adding more alternatives to the list as we get so don’t forget to keep visiting this sites for more updates.


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