Hello readers . Today I’m gonna share all working Airtel free 3G tricks July 2016 on this single post for save your time. Airtel is blocked some tricks before and i have found some solutions for it. But it’s too hard to get know that. In this special Post im going to openly share premium working tricks for everyone.

10 best Airtel free 3G Tricks that you might be missed

This post contents Airtel VPN tricks,  Airtel Proxy tricks,  Airtel Cgi-proxy tricks,  Airtel HTTP proxy tricks, Airtel VPN over proxy tricks, Airtel DNS trick, and much, much more..


#1.DroidVPN trick for Blocked sim users (Disconnection free)

I have worked hard to fix Disconnection issue this trick is working on both Unblocked and blocked sim. U can use unlimited browsing with uc mini. Download maybe slow. This trick based on UDP port trick. Airtel blocked this trick last month but i have found that solution more than six months ago.

10 best Airtel free 3G Tricks that you might be missed
Let’s go to the trick…
Steps to use free 3G with Blocked sim
  • Firstly Uninstall DroidVPN if you already have.
  • Download and install new DroidVPN here
  • Now Open DroidVPN app
  • And Enter your Login details
  • If you are new to DroidVPN? Register new account there.
  • Now Download Speed time+ (Auto Reconnect tool)
  • Install and open it
  • This App requires root access. (How to root Android with single click)
  • Grant root access to the App
  • Now set Speed time to 25x or above
10 best Airtel free 3G Tricks that you might be missed
Click Start button.
Now your mobile clock will runs faster
Now Open DroidVPN Set Connection Type UDP
Save this configurations
And Connect DroidVPN with any free server
Thats all now DroidVPN will automatically reconnect itself.. If connection is drops.
So you can surf unlimited Internet without Disconnection issue.

Note: Increase the value of speed time will make droidvpn reconnect faster.. Use  uc mini for browsing.


Airtel SlowDNS VPN free 3G trick for Unblocked sim users.
Steps to use SlowDNS VPN trick on Airtel
  • APN: (Settings» more settings» network settings» access point names» New)
  • Activate small 3G pack for better speed.(if speed drops)
  • Download and install SlowDNS VPN
VPN Over DNS  Tunnel : SlowDNS
Price: To be announced
  • Put DNS IP – or or
  • If above DNS not works for you.
  • You can find your respective dns in DroidVPN
  • Setting» General Settings» (enable) Debug logging.
  • Connect droid vpn.
  • Now u can see Current DNS Gateway ip
  • You can Use that DNS ip on SlowDNS
  • Select any free server
  • Put your preferred DNS
  • Then Connect
  • if u see Authenticating (Open DNS)
  • speed varies 150-300 KBps
  • If you see server full error (try different server)
Thats all enjoy free 3G internet on Airtel.

#3. Airtel Hammer Vpn trick

It’s one of the best Airtel trick with huge daily limit upto 100 MB per Day.
Steps to use Hammer Vpn free 3G trick
  • First of all download HammerVpn Tls 2.5
  • Install it on your phone
  • Run HammerVpN
  • We Presenting brand new working UDP Port configurations
Configuration 1
  • Select Any free server
  • Rport: 49200 Lport: 9201
  • Protocol: UDP
Configuration 2
  • Select Any free server
  • Rport: 49201 Lport: 9201
  • Protocol: UDP
Configuration 3
  • Select Any free server
  • Rport: 53 Lport: 0
  • Protocol: UDP
Configuration 4
  • Select Any free server
  • Rport 9200 Lport 9201
  • Protocol: UDP

Choose any one of the above configurations

Enjoy free 3G on Airtel

#4. Opera handler trick

It’s most Advanced and direct trick for use free 3g with Opera HTTP servers it will gives huge download limit per day..
  • First of all Download new opera handler
  • Uninstall if you already have opera mini.
  • Install downloaded Opera handler on your mobile.
Steps to Get free 3G on opera:
  • Open opera handler. (Child lock code: www.nextwap.net)
  • Select proxy type as Real Host or host
  • Tick on remove Port
  • Proxy Server: img.airtellive.com
  • Save this settingsT
  • hats all ☺

#5. Airtel proxy trick

This trick is based on php proxy trick.
Steps to Get free 3G:
  • Try this trick with 0 Main balance
  • Go to settings on your android mobile
  • Click on more settings
  • Then click on Network settings
  • Then open Access point names
  • Create New Apn

Name: TechinDroid
Port: 80

  • Save this configurationas default on your mobile
  • Open you default browser (Internet or chrome)
  • Visit this link or
  • Enjoy free 3G browsing on airtel!

#6. Airtel psiphon handler trick

10 best Airtel free 3G Tricks that you might be missed
  • Download Psiphone Handler
  • Make Below Settings On Handler Menu
  • Mark – Remove Port
  • Proxy Type – Real Host
  • Proxy Server – in.airtellive.com
  • Now Save The Settings And Start Browsing And Downloading…! Enjoy!
Use Apn – only, No Proxy/Port
Disconnect On Every 100 MB for avoid sim blocking And Change Free Host On Proxy Server
Above Trick Have No Sim Blocking Issue By Using Many Hosts 

#7. Airtel Webtunnel VPN trick

Steps to Get unlimited 3G on Airtel:
  • First of all download Web tunnel VPN
  • Install and run it
  • Select Any free server
  • Port: 8080
  • Header host:
  • Proxy Type: Fatest HTTP 2
  • Now click connect 
  • Enjoy free 3G internet 
  • It’s a vpn based trick  you can Use all Internet applications

#8. Airtel free whatsapp trick

1.Settings On Your mobile 
  • APN airtelfun.com
  • Leave blank other fields.


  • At First you need to download Proxy Droid
  • Install and run it
  • In Proxy Droid configurations
  • Host:
  • Port: 3128 or 8080
  • Proxy Type HTTP
  • Now turn on Proxy enable switch!
  • Thats all.
  • Now enjoy free whatsapp on Airtel
       >If you not get connected just disconnect Proxy.
       >Connect it again

#9. Airtel TroidVPN TCP Trick

Airtel free 3g with TroidVPN TCP trick (New host)

TroidVPN app daily gives you free 150 MB free data. If you want to use unlimited buy a TroidVPN premium account. Or use X-privacy, Donkey Guard for bypass the daily limit.

Steps To Use TroidVPN TCP Trick


  • Firstly Download and install TroidVPN
  • Open TroidVPN
  • And set any configurations listed below
#Configuration 1
  • Rport 53 Lport 8080
  • Protocol TCP
#Configuration 2
  • Rport 53 Lport 0 or 80
  • Protocol TCP
#Configuration 3
  • Rport 443 Lport 0
  • Protocol TCP
Airtel free 3g with TroidVPN TCP trick (New host)


  • Now Click on Advance option on TroidVPN
  • Set DNS as
  • Tick Use proxy for TCP connection
 Proxy Host:
 Proxy Port:    8083 

 Header: Host: 

Airtel free 3g with TroidVPN TCP trick (New host)

  • Click Save button to save this configurations
  • And connect TroidVPN
  • When you  see this notification that means you are connected successfully


Airtel free 3g with TroidVPN TCP trick (New host)
After successfully connected
Minimize TroidVPN
And you can Use all Internet applications like WhatsApp,  Facebook,  messenger etc


Airtel free 3g with TroidVPN TCP trick (New host)

Note: Daily change hosts for get more free data

#10. Airtel DroidVPN TCP trick

  • Firstly Download & install DroidVPN
  • Open DroidVPN & enter your Login details
  • You are new to DroidVPN? Register new account
  • Save your Login details
  • Go To DroidVpn >>Settings>>Connection protocol>> TCP
  • Next Go to Port Settings
Set UDP port  0
Set TCP port 53 or 443
Bind To local port 0 
  • Save it
  • Now Go to HTTP Headers Option
Host: test.airtelgurus.com/News
X-Online-Host: test.airtelgurus.com/
  • Save this configurations
  • Now come back to DroidVPN connection manager
  • Click Connect Button
    AirTel Blocked sim free 3G trick with DroidVPN
  • Thats All ,You wil be get connected…….


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