DLL errors can be caused by corruption, either in the DLL itself or within the registry.
Have you experienced slow PC, system startup errors, DLL entry point not found problems, program runtime errors, blue screen of death, and program freezing or system crashing?

DLL missing on Windows

If yes, no matter which type you got, it is time for you to fix and repair these Windows errors to let your computer continue to work correctly.

The causes behind these Windows errors are different. Daily system operation, software installing/uninstalling, Windows updates, virus/spyware/malware infection, out-of-date device drivers, etc. can make these problems occur. 

What is DLL?
 A dynamic-link library (DLL) file is an executable file that allows programs to share code and other resources necessary to perform particular tasks. Microsoft Windows provides DLL files that contain functions and resources that allow Windows-based programs to operate in the Windows environment
For example, DLL with .exe file extension is responsible for system and application startup; as a result, these .exe files can be easily infected by virus, spyware and malware. When you try to start these infected files, malicious code will be activated and then they can steal your private information, especially financial data, and send to the remote servers through electronic means.

Here we take rundll32.exe as an example.

If this file is infected by virus and spyware, you will see 2/two rundll32.exe in Task Manager, and their CPU and Memory usage are extremely high, almost 100%. Another symptom is that your computer and programs take longer time to start up.

If you right-click on rundll32.exe and check its properties, you will find that following properties have been modified:
  1. File version
  2. File size
  3. Description
  4. Last update
As the DLL missing or DLL not found is the most common DLL error, here we see another example; it is based on DLL with .sys file extension.

.sys file is used to support Windows device drivers, any problem or damage to it can result in Windows device mal-function, the most common symptoms are PC has no sound and blue screen of death (BSOD).

When there is error in .sys file, you would see blue screen, along with stop error code during system and software programs startup.

You may have noticed that we are discussing DLL errors and their symptoms, and we guess that you may start to think “Could it possible to fix DLL files to resolve your Windows PC problems“.

The answer here is ABSOLUTELY YES.

When there is problem with DLL files, they will become missing, corrupted, deleted, removed and modified. So fixing DLL errors is an effective solution to repair Windows problems. The content below will discuss how to fix DLL errors, both manually and automatically.

Note: If you have cleaned system junks (Temporary files belong to one type of junk files.), you will never have a chance to repair your PC through this way. You can consider trying something new.

In a word, to resolve DLL issues automatically, you can use DLL files fixer – DLL Suite. It is the only choice for those who need to fix DLL errors and download DLL files for Windows PCs. To start the process, what you need to do is: 
 How to fix DLL files automatically?
When your system is under operation, it will create a temporary folder to store all processes. We called it as Cache. If you got Windows problems, you can restore this cache folder to help fix your PC. 

#1 DLL Suite

 DLL Suite’s scan addresses the properties of DLL files. If there is any change to the property, DLL Suite will detect and then display the recommended fixes.

Windows receives thousands of operation every day and that bring potential errors to your computer DLL files. Download DLL Suite today and give your Windows a DLL file fix tool.

DLL Suite 
TechinDroid presenting Dlll Suite Set-UP plus Lifetime license key

Features of License key

  • Scans missing, corrupt, damaged, modified, deleted and removed DLL files.
  • Checks missing DLL files automatically for the machines.
  • Helps to search DLL files and then provide free download access.
  • Error in DLL is the original cause of Windows PC problems.
  • Complete fixing DLL is an effective way to resolve Windows issues and help boost system performance.
  • OS: Windows 7 all versions, Windows 8 all versions, Windows XP, Windows Vista, both 32-bit and 64-bit systems.

#2 DLL-Files.com 

 Here you can search for any dll files fixer on the website and download the DLL files easily. User can directly search for missing .dll file on the website or download the demo/full version application. .dll file fixer application has a very user friendly interface. Like the website application too has a search bar where user can search for missing .dll file.
DLL-Files.com Client
Don’t waste precious hours troubleshooting and searching for reliable information all over the web. DLL-Files.com Client locates the files you need and solves your DLL error in one click. You can easily fix any DLL files error.

Dll files fixer 

Premium key features:

  • Install Client
  • Activate the client with Given Serial / Crack
  • Search for your DLL file
  • Fix them automatically

#3 DLL Me 

 DLL Me is a website there you can scan and find any required DLL files and directly download from their website.you can also request for a DLL file if ypu didnt find it.

Visit DLL Me website here

#4 IObit Driver Booster Pro

It Detects Missing & Faulty Drivers: Driver Booster 3 does not only update outdated PC drivers but also automatically scan and fix missing & faulty drivers, especially after upgrading your operating system or using your PC for long period time.
IObit Driver Booster Pro
IObit Driver Booster Pro
 Driver Booster 3 helps you quickly find & install the correct drivers with one-click to avoid slowing down & crashing your computer or causing devices to stop functioning.
Support over200,000Drivers & Devices

Driver Booster pro Features:

  • Driver Booster 2 PRO UPDATE obsoletes the Drivers Safely and Quickly
  • More Support Materials and Improve PC Performance Take advantage of Priority 
  • Detect and UPDATE the Obsolete Drivers
  • Specializing in the Driver Optimization for Best Entertainment Experience
  • Save Drivers for Restoration
Download: IObit Driver Booster + Serial key

By Following this article. I hope everyone can easily fix DLL file error on Windows. Thanks for reading


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