10 Android Smartphones with best camera • 2016

Android Smartphones with best camera • 2016

Who is not infatuated with an Android smartphone has a good camera ? Almost everyone wanted a sophisticated smartphone, especially for the matter of its camera. Although no phone is wrapped with fancy designs but the camera is not highlighted, you would have to think twice about buying a smartphone like that android phones with best camera quality.

True, this time the name of the camera of an Android smartphone is very important. Everyone likes to capture the moment, photographing the scenery, even until the photo selfie . Therefore, through this article, TechinDroid will provide a list of the Android Smartphones with good camera • 2016 Curious or not?

10 Android Smartphones with good camera • 2016

1. Oppo F1 Plus

Android phone with best camera 1
Oppo, who described himself as a Camera Phone has a variety of products with the best camera currently planting. One product is the Oppo F1 Plus . Despite having the best quality cameras, smartphones, this one is not half-hearted to immerse specification god in it. Then, what can make Oppo F1 Plus made Android smartphone with the best camera in 2016?

Smartphone with chipset MediaTek MT6755 is carrying Helio P10 size of 13 MP main camera. It might sound unusual, because so many have pinned on the size of the sensor. However, aside from just 13 MP, Oppo F1 Plus is also equipped with features PDAF or Phase Detection Auto Focus and diaphragm were pretty good, f / 2.2. Not only are the front camera Oppo F1 Plus is also extremely sophisticated, size 16 MP and carrying the f / 2.0 aperture. Cool?
Snapshots example Oppo F1 Plus
Android phone with best camera 1

2. Coolpad Max

Android phone with best camera 2
Coolpad Max is one of the best Android smartphone from China. Had the body is relatively shine with cast metal material, so feel when holding are felt at premium quality. If you want to know the review more about this smartphone,

On the other hand, besides Coolpad Max had a beautiful body, this smartphone is also fairly reliably on the side of the camera . Imagine, Coolpad has been pinned Max 13 MP main camera with aperture f / 2.0. The result should not be asked guys , for making depth-of-field ,Coolpad Max smartphone camera is able to get the results that smooth . Cool!
Snapshot example Coolpad Max
Android phone with best camera 2

3. Lenovo Moto G4 Plus

Android phone with best camera 3
Android smartphone with the best camera is the next coming of Lenovo products acquired Motorola. This smartphone named Lenovo Moto G4 Plus . This Smartphone has been released globally, especially united states,canada . The price is not too expensive, only ranges between $225

Perhaps the price of it, you think that the camera will not be too fancy. Unfortunately you are wrong. Lenovo brings Moto G4 Plus size 16 MP camera with aperture f / 2.0, which is already supported by cutting-edge technology that is Hybrid Laser-Focus and PDAF. Wow, would ya fancy as what results?
Sample Snapshots Lenovo Mot G4 Plus
Android phone with best camera 3

4. Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Android phone with best camera 4

Smartphone vendors that never stops innovating is always a surprise for each product . Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is a flagship smartphone last generation today. Although the design is not too much different from the Galaxy S6, S7 technology but not the same and even more cutting-edge than from S6.

The main camera carrying size 12 MP. What? True, although small compared to sound sophisticated smartphones in general, the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge uses camera technology, the best in the smartphone market. In addition, the diaphragm is embedded gokil buildup reaches f / 1.9, so that the object photographed in conditions of low light intensity can still be done well. This handset also embed OIS technology.

Examples Snapshots Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Android phone with best camera 4

5. LG G5

Android phone with best camera 5

LG G5 is one of the Android smartphone with a best camera. In fact, in addition to cameras, these devices are becoming hype because LG G5 is the first smartphone that carries a modular design. Modular? Yes, you can her upgrade some sections to smartphone is becoming increasingly tough. Well, what side of the camera?

LG G5 has a camera that is beautiful , where you can rely on to produce sharp images and amazing even at night. Diaphragm? S7- even beat Samsung Galaxy series . Right, because LG G5 carrying aperture f / 1.9, so that the incoming light will be even wider. You want to know how much? Read on Hands On LG G5: Unloading First Smartphone from LG .

Examples Snapshot LG G5
Android phone with best camera 5

6. Asus Zenfone 2.0 Laser

Android phone with best camera 6

Some smartphones with the best camera does have quite a fantastic price. However, not for Asus Zenfone 2.0 Laser . Smartphones are more appropriately called with this phablet, has a 6 inch screen and a fancy design that carries with very elegant details. Designs like this can be called ergonomic arc , where the back side slightly curved to fit the palm of the hand.

Speaking about the camera, Zenfone 2 Laser certainly provide a quality camera. As the name implies, this device is equipped with Laser Auto Focus that is capable of photographing objects just dlaam time of 0.03 seconds only. In addition, the size of the 13 MP sensor with five layers Largan lens will make more photos to be sharp and exceptional color accuracy steady. 

Examples shots Asus Zenfone 2.0 Laser
Android phone with best camera 6

7. Infinix Zero 3

Android phone with best camera 7

Infinix may still be a smartphone that is not known by many people. Even so, the vendor from China is admirable about products besutannya. Each product Infinix always instilled specifications are not random. Well, one of the best product is only worth 200$ . Smartphone What is it?

Yes, smartphones are named Infinix Zero 3 . These smart phones have become one of the Android smartphone with a best  camera, the article has a large sensor size once, namely 20.7 MP. Thus, using this smartphone, you can get an image resolution of 5616 x 3744 pixels. In fact, the PDAF technology, you can take pictures in just 0.1 seconds. Try it read in Infinix Zero 3: Smartphone with Camera 20,7MP, Price Only 200 USD .

Snapshots example Infinix Zero 3
Android phone with best camera 7

8. Xiaomi Redmi Pro

Android phone with best camera 8

Who does not know Xiaomi ? Chinese brands that always let’s smartphone sold is indeed the top. Because, whatever made Xiaomi, the tip is always priced cheap and remain embedded exceptional specification. Well, one of which is the Xiaomi redmi Pro .

With prices ranging from 186 USD , Xiaomi redmi Pro dare to make smart phones with dual camera which is able to create the effect of bokeh like professional DSLR cameras. Wow, already cheaper prices but the features and technologies are very plentiful. Not only that, Xiaomi redmi Pro also embedded exceptional specifications, you can see it in redmi Pro, Smartphone Dual Camera First of Xiaomi .

Snapshots example Xiaomi redmi Pro
Android phone with best camera 8

9. Huawei P9

Android phone with best camera 9

Huawei P9 or many call is a ‘ pocket DSLR’, is one of the smartphones with advanced camera today. Its camera designed by a German company, namely Leica .

That can surprise us here is that Huawei P9 brings dual camera on the back. Well, the second-made Leica camera’s rear, measuring 12 MP with aperture f / 2.2. Indeed, if only to hear that the size of the camera as well as the diaphragm, sounds very unusual. However, the image produced, truly extraordinary. On the other hand, the front camera on the Huawei P9 carries a size of 8 MP with an aperture of f / 2.4.

Examples Snapshot Huawei P9
Android phone with best camera 9

10. Samsung Galaxy S7

Android phone with best camera 10

After doing some research, Samsung decided to reduce the number of megapixels on a Samsung Galaxy S7 from the previous generation. If conceivable logically, clearly the result would be worse than the Galaxy S6, is not it? Unfortunately, the quality is not declining, even better than the Galaxy S6. Therefore, the camera on the Galaxy S7 technology is one of the best technology available in the market.

The main camera itself measures 12 MP with an aperture of f / 1.9. Thus, produce good images even though shooting is done in low light conditions. Galaxy S7 also features OIS or optical image stabilizer to make the object move that want to be photographed becomes more stable.

Examples Snap Galaxy S7
Android phone with best camera 10
Among Android smartphone with the best camera 2016 that have TechinDroid, which one is your favorite? Confused ya want to choose which one? You know why, because smartphones above is indeed very tempting. Write down your opinion via the comments below ya.


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