We learned almost all the details of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphone. Galaxy Note 7 introduction date, Galaxy Note and Galaxy Note 7 features 7 price has been announced.

Galaxy Note 7 Features and Price
Samsung’s interest anticipated next-generation flagship phone Galaxy Note 7 was’ the introduction of a certain date. Galaxy Note 7 , the predecessor of the Note will be introduced in about two weeks earlier than 5. 

Galaxy Note 7,  August 2 ‘th be held in New York under the Unpacked 2016 event will be showcased. Activities will begin in Indian clock 16:00. You can browse our news section at the bottom for more details about the event.
Galaxy Note 7 Features and Price - TechinDroid.com

Why Galaxy Note 7?

Samsung  Galaxy Note 7 , Galaxy S7 and Galaxy edge Q7 will combine the complementary product portfolio assuming a role in the series. Second Galaxy Note 7 will put an end to the confusion experienced in the naming point of the Galaxy S series.

Galaxy Note 7 design

Galaxy Note 7  press images showing the design was finally published. Previously many high-end smart phones popular source of leakage months before showing the user @evleaks , this time the Galaxy Note 7 revealed the first images of the model.
Galaxy Note 7 Features and Price - TechinDroid.com
Galaxy Note 7 ‘s serene leaks revealing the design also shows that the phone is largely similar to the Galaxy S7 edge model. In addition, images from the Galaxy Note 7 only indicates that the model has a curved display.   
Galaxy Note 7 Features and Price - TechinDroid.com

Galaxy Note 7 Features

One of 2016’s most anticipated phone with Galaxy Note 7 can say that the countdown was started for. Finally, information on the phone’s price came in. Galaxy Note 7 We transfer latest developments and leaks from the front.
Before we look at the phone Note series phones  Galaxy S , we see that we come across the model range, putting something over. Galaxy Note 7 can say that a similar process to work.
S Pen stylus must not forget. Both hardware of a new enhanced pen experience both at the software side we can say already that we expect. Samsung Galaxy Note 7 officials also features more advanced and innovative S-Pen has approved a short while ago.
Galaxy Note 7 Features and Price - TechinDroid.com

Galaxy Note 7 features

Galaxy Note 7 ‘s if we look at the hardware specifications; 5.7 or 5.8 inch size of Quad HD resolution Super AMOLED (Plus is expected to be) the phone will accompany the screen, Snapdragon 821  will provide processing power. Snapdragon 821 Snapdragon 820 in accordance with the higher core frequency rate to access.
Galaxy Note 7 Features and Price - TechinDroid.com
Exynos processor model in order to ensure balance Exynos 8893  in the RAM side, we will see the processor are expected to be experiencing a significant increase. Note the amount of RAM in general increase in models with long series is Samsung’s  Galaxy Note 7 from 6 GB of RAM it is coming to be used. Last criteria test leaks pointing to the 4GB of RAM. 

Storage side while the 64GB will be entry model. 128GB and 256GB worth of models in the world market will show anyway. MicroSD card (UFS-based) after a year hiatus to return to again support the Note series.
Galaxy Note 7 Features and Price - TechinDroid.com

The phone’s casing dimensions 153.5mm x 73.9mm x 7.9M is expected to be shaped. These figures Galaxy Note 7 Galaxy Note 5 (153.2 x 76.1 x 7.6 mm) to almost show would be the same length. Galaxy Note 7 compared to its predecessor, will have a narrower chassis that these developments in the design point can be seen as a positive step.
Galaxy Note 7 Note 5 according to be thicker phone. However, that will only increase by 0.3 mm thick, the phone will not affect the overall grip. Phone 4000 mAh Considering the capacity of a battery will say it was a negligible increase in thickness so it will not be wrong.
Galaxy phone camera projection as in the S7 series will be eliminated significantly. The last feature we will tell you the name of the design resistance to water. Galaxy Note 7, the Galaxy S7 as family IP68 will have the certificate.
Galaxy Note 7 Features and Price - TechinDroid.com
Galaxy Note 7 from the camera unit will be different from the Galaxy S7. Dual Pixel technology and with f / 1.7 lens will accompany  the 12-megapixel rear and 5 megapixel front camera Galaxy Note 7 ‘to create the camera’s hardware.

Galaxy Note 7 ‘s software side is now uncertain. Google, Android N is expected to be available for delivery in July, officially the operating system. At this point, Samsung’s  Galaxy Note 7 ‘will not be surprised to include the latest version of Android.
Galaxy Note 7 Features and Price - TechinDroid.com
However, the S Pen will be prepared for the new features of the pen remains a mystery. In May sammobile in a news published through the BlackBerry Hub  similar application or system  Galaxy Note 7 ‘will take place, was reported. 
Galaxy Note 7 Features and Price - TechinDroid.com
Samsung Focus   With is application Galaxy Note 7 users can manage personal and business communications through a single point of including all notifications of social accounts.

Galaxy Note 7 other properties

Galaxy Note 7 ‘in addition to fingerprint scanner of the iris scanner , it was clear from the images that will be published. Users will be able to log the phone by holding the phone to swim through the iris scanner.
Galaxy Note 7 Features and Price - TechinDroid.com

Not passed yet widely available and Gear VR title because of the introduction of the Galaxy S7 family with microUSB USB Type-C input to the ground to give the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 ‘also backs away from this idea. Note also published images 7 USB Type-C was confirmed to take place in port

Galaxy Note 7 price and release date

Galaxy Note 7 will be introduced on August 2, as mentioned earlier. Users Galaxy Note 7 ‘s much to wait to get their hands; because the phone will be displayed on the shelves just two weeks later.
Finally, the issue price will be addressed; Samsung news from reliable sources sammobil the site,  Galaxy Note 7 ‘s first information shared with the reader for the price.

Galaxy Note 7 in Europe 849 euro will have a price tag. Today we turn to our country’s currency exchange rate to RS.62,869 emerges amount. 
But this price, we do not back happy, because Galaxy Note 7 ‘s European price of  the Galaxy S7 edge of more than more than 50 euros. The announced price Galaxy Note 7 ‘s 64GB worth of to model.


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