Currently We are using Hammer Vpn App for access free Internet on airtel, HammerVpn works very well on when you are started using it,  after 1 or 2 weeks you will get Disconnected in 50 Secs from you get Connected.hammer vpn disconnection problem Airtel is Blocking incoming packets to VPN server every 1 Min. At that time hammer VPN shows 0 Bit/sec.Trickspro is here. You can use tricks without fear :)Have you tired of trying to fix this issue?  No need to be,

How to fix Hammer Vpn Disconnection problem
How to Fix Hammer VPN Disconnection issue – May 2016

We have launched an Android App for Bypassing Disconnection issue ,App is developed by TechinDroid, It’s easy to use and  more useful for HammerVpn users to solve hammer vpn disconnect problem.

Hammer Vpn Disconnection problem
Hammer Vpn Disconnection issue

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How to Fix Hammer Vpn Disconnection issue

  • Uninstall previously installed HammerVpn
  • And Delete Hammer Temp dir from sdcard/android/
  • Firstly Download Freedom
  • Then Download this Modded HammerVpn
  • Install both Apps
  • Run Freedom firewall – App
    Hammer Vpn Disconnects
  • Now write given Comment and Click on Execute

iptables -P FORWARD DROP

  • Non rooted users try Without SU option
  • Now Run HammerVpn
  • Rport: 49202 Lport: 9201

    Hammer Vpn Disconnection problem
    How to Fix Hammer Vpn Disconnection problem


  • Protocol – UDP
  • Then Connect with Any Free server
  • Enjoy!  Airtel VPN trick without hammer vpn disconnects.


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