SEO Optimize: Internal Linking structure of your website 2016

SEO internal linking best practices 2016

The structure of the links on your blog or website is determined by the decision of how shew. proper internal link structureoptimal internal link structure It is very important that you are clear about how you will show them as they change in the future can lead to multiple problems and loss of links from other pages.

Types of links

A common link is usually composed of the primary domain ( followed by deep-link (deep link), which is nothing but the exact address of an entry into the main URL: If you do things right, the links on your page will be displayed as in the example. That is, at least, the cleanest way to locate content within a page.

It is also valid to include the date or category where the entrance is located or While either of these two options is valid, internal link structure of a website my recommendation remains the last, because otherwise show dates tickets at some time or if you decided you wanted to re-locate an entry in another category, would have disastrous implications.

Internal linking structure

Generally, when shorter link better, although it must define what is the entrance. The route links is a tool used by search engines to properly index the pages, so you should be as clear and concise when drafting each title and thus each route.

Fortunately, WordPress offers all these options with a simple click, so you can select the one that suits you and everything will be ready. i hope you know what is internal link structure seo & best internal link structure. how to check internal link structure Just remember that this is not something that should change later.


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