What is an ADF scanner?


What is adf printer and what does adf mean on a printer? A scanner with an ADF unit (ADF stands for Automatic Document Feed) has the ability to scan large volumes of documents in a short period of time. Definition of adf, The printer reads each document and creates a digital image in a format that can be stored on a personal computer, shared on a network or sent in an email. The ADF scanner is a valuable tool for businesses that want to work in a paperless environment. In this wiki techindroid will define what is adf on a printer.

What does ADF [Automatic Document Feeders] do?

Here is the detailed info of the adf printer features and how this exactly works.


The automation feature is a big difference between an ADF printer and a standard flatbed printer. A flatbed scanner requires each document to be placed on the scanner manually and separately, sheet after sheet. ADF scanners have an input tray that holds your stack of pending documents and is ready to take each one and scan them as you order it, without the need for supervision.

Media Types

ADF printers can work with a wide variety of paper sizes, including business cards, receipts and letter-sized documents. In addition to this, certain models can scan textured paper, thick paper and double-sided documents.


The brand and style of your purchased ADF scanner are key factors when it comes to scanning speed. ADF scanners are divided into three speed categories: the low volume category provides scanning speeds of 10 to 25 pages per minute, scanners in the medium volume category process from 26 to 40 pages per minute and high-volume models read documents at a speed of approximately 80 pages per minute.

Scanner options

Some scanners place the automatic feeder as a separate unit used only for digital images, and certain styles of photocopiers also offer an ADF scan tool. An ADF scanner in a photocopier works the same way as the independent unit does, but instead of creating digital images, the ADF scanner provides paper copies of documents. You can find this ADF feature on Canon, Dell, Hp, Brother, Epson – WorkForce Pro printers and other printers that manufactured for the work intent.


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