So far, Chrome is the most popular browser among users nowadays. We are sure that many of you use it daily to navigate on the web, or even perform other activities such as watching YouTube videos, movies, download files, and so. If you are interested in downloading YouTube videos, we are sure that the quickest way to do it is with iTube, the video downloader Chrome extension. Of course, there are other methods, so we are going to let you decide what one you want to try on as we tell them below.

First, you could use desktop software to download YouTube videos. This kind of programs you can find them easily on the web, and once you’ve installed them, you will be able to download videos from YouTube. Another tool that is available for everyone, and it’s relatively easy to use is the online video downloader, where you can download videos by copy-pasting the link of the YouTube video. But we can’t trust every program or web we find on the Internet, so, to avoid all the trouble, we recommend you use the iTube chrome plug.

Besides that, it is accurately made and performs exceptionally well its main task, it is also very secure, and you have our trust that you can safely download videos not only from YouTube but from more than 10.000 webs! And all this while being extremely easy to use.

How to download YouTube videos with iTube?

There are two ways to download videos with iTube plug-in.

1. Click the Download button on your browser

You have to follow this quick guide in order to make sure that the green Download button will appear on your screen. But once you’ve completed the few steps, you only have to click on Download, and the video will start being analyzed before iTube downloads it. It will stay in your computer storage.

2. By copying the URL

And in this, you only have to copy the link of the YouTube and paste it on the requested box. Once you’ve done this, all you have to do is click Download, and it will start downloading your video.

Now that you know this YouTube downloader for Chrome, make sure you visit the official website of iTube to discover all the potential that this Chrome YouTube downloader has to offer you. Its incredible features make it not just unique, but also a tool that you must have if you are interested in things such as downloading videos from almost any possible page, convert videos to MP3 format, and also recording videos.

The membership is only €14.95 a year, and we fully recommend you to buy it as you unlock important features that make you enjoy and love even more this marvelous program. But, in case you want to test it first, you can also download the free version on the official page to see what’s going on; but we are sure that you’ll fall in love with the charms of this awesome tool. 


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