Have you ever asked yourself a question “Are the mobile phones safe for kids? If you haven’t, then ask it now. The safety of kids is at stake in this digital age and parents must be concerned about it. No wonder they are very useful to keep the family in touch, but unfortunately kids might not understand their limits. Listening to the late night calls, texting all around the clock, using social media in the bed etc. These all are troublesome habits. But worry not! You can protect them from mobile radiations with parental control for Android and can control when they can and cannot take the calls or who they can talk to etc.

Cognitive skills are at stake

Do you know the facts that whenever we listen to the phone calls, some radiations get absorbed into our brain which can have the adverse impact on our mental abilities? These radiations are harmful to human brain and especially if the user is not an adult.

Listening to the late night calls is very common in teens these days. It can have adverse effects on their behavioural and emotional health. Moreover, do you know it can cause brain cancer? Yes, it’s a proven fact that repeatedly listening to the calls for extensive hours can cause cancer. According to a study by Cell Safe cell phone calling can impact the human brain in different age groups. Cell phone radiations have the direct impact on the human brain which can cause serious mental and cognitive diseases. They are having the most intensive impact on the kids below 18. But we hand over the smartphone to kids at very early age. If you are having kids busy with their phone in bed then it is the sign of serious troubles. You must limit when and how long they should text and listen to the calls. In fact, the use of social media in bed is also hazardous.

Reduce calls and prevent stress

All of us have to train and counsel the kids about what could be the possible health risk of cell phone obsession. If you think just saying and talking is not enough, then you can adopt the digital way for monitoring. You can limit their phone calling and monitor the time and date of the calls using a smart app. It’s the FamilyTime app which is very effective at call monitoring. By keeping track of when and for how long they talked on the call, you can put some locks on their phones when you don’t want them to use the phone. For this, you can take help from the FamilyTime parental control app for android.Parental Controls for Android

With this app in hand, you can:

Monitor call logs with the date and time stamps.

Check SMS history.

Watchlist contacts.

Schedule auto screen locks during late or odd hours.

Remotely lock their device from a distance and time and from anywhere.

Ensure optimum cell phone safety

We all need to take the risks of extensive phone calling seriously. And our kids should also understand how to make safe use of their phones. In this regard, FamilyTime is a great tool to put parental controls for Android as it can allow you to keep a check on your kids’ calling habits. Reduce their likelihood to become a victim of hurtful impacts of cell phone abuse.


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