AMP, the Google project made to accelerate web pages, continues to take its steps; would you stop using AdBlock if the Internet was faster?

AMP, the Google project made to accelerate web pages, continues to take steps, and generates a curious question the less: would you stop using AdBlock if the Internet was faster?

We want the web pages to go fast, something essential when we browse more and more from our mobile devices every time. We do not visit a web page if it takes too long to load, we leave before we continue to wait, and those responsible for the web pages know this, which is why they try to improve loading times.

The current solution was to lighten the page as much as possible, in order to make the loads faster, but this often clashes with the need to monetize a web page, something very necessary as well. The problem is that we do not like to wait, and many of the visitors are use ad blocker apps – also called AdBlock – to lighten those loads by eliminating the weight of advertising – among other causes – a technique that ends up being harmful to those who work on the pages web.

AMP, Google’s project to accelerate the web:

Surely you remember AMP, that Google project created to accelerate the loading of mobile web pages that came out in early October 2020. For the giant search engine, making the mobile web faster is a priority, and AMP HTML is an open source format that wants to be the solution.

The AMP team has published an article telling the progress they have made in all this time, stating that Google will start directing to websites made with AMP in early 2020. They already have great figures in the project, including the BBC, the New York Times, Al Jazeera, the Washington Post…

But the most important thing comes in the form of collaborations that are establishing with advertising platforms: Outbrain, AOL, DoubleClick, AdSense and OpenX are already working to adopt the framework, and improve the advertising experience for users, advertisers and web pages, in words of the AMP team.

In other words, AMP is looking to end one of the first excuses that users have to use AdBlock: uploading web pages without ads is much faster than with ads, making these ads much faster if they integrate with AMP HTML. Quite a statement of intent against ad blockers.

Will AMP make us forget AdBlock?

Knowing that advertisers are adapting to the new times, and making this advertising stop being heavy and a nuisance , perhaps the time has come when we can forget about blocking ads.

With all this, we ask you again a question of the style that we did when Google Contributor came to see the light: will you forget AdBlock if the ads stop having such a high price in performance?


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