Privacy is a weird concept nowadays. We live in the Information Age – everything is available if you know where to look. However, we still look and root for individual privacy and anonymity, even on the Internet. Sometimes this privacy could be an obstacle, though. Employers usually like to keep a close eye on their employees. Some fathers also like to have control over what their kids are looking on the web. As we can notice, the lack of privacy isn’t bad in some situations, and with this on mind, some apps have been born. Enter SpyMyFone: a very handy remote spying tool that allows you to track a lot of different things on Apple and Android phones.

What Is SpyMyFone?

This program, developed by Xcloudlab, is a web-based tool that can be used for spying someone else’s phone. After paying a monthly subscription fee, you can start using this tool to monitor your kids, your significant other, or your employers, if you need it. SpyMyFone offers the user a lot of features that will make monitoring easier:

  • You can see the phone calls made and received, read text messages remotely and get alerts for specific contacts.
  • The app provides access to a lot of social media sites, up to and including Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp… even Tinder is available if you use SpyMyFone. You’ll get access to the messages, too.
  • You can watch the phone location in real time thanks to the GPS tracking feature.
  • Remote control of the device is available – you can take real-time screen captures, use the app as a keylogger, and even block apps if you don’t want the user to access them.

As you can see, SpyMyFone offers a lot of information for the user. Don’t forget that you should get the target’s approval before installing this app – violating someone’s privacy without their consent isn’t legal!

How to Use SpyMyFone

One of the best things about this app is its simplicity. Anyone can use it! It’s very easy if you own a computer.

  • You first need to create an account on the SpyMyFone website. Enter here and do it.
  • Select the OS of the device you want to spy. Remember you must have legal access to the phone, and/or the iCloud account details if the target is an iPhone.
  • Subscribe to a plan according to what you need. The ultimate choice has all the features previously described – other versions may vary in feature availability.


  • Download and install the SpyMyFone app in the selected phone. You can hide the app icon after this step. If the selected phone is an iPhone, you must enter the iCloud account after selecting the device.
  • Log into your account and activate the service.

You now have two ways of monitoring the selected phone or phones: using the website, or downloading the control panel application. Choose the option that suits you best.


If you need more info, you can enter the site and even try a live demo of the app here. After trying it, you should be free of all doubts!

We strongly recommend SpyMyFone to anyone that needs to keep track of a phone’s activity, for whatever reason. Check it out! You won’t be disappointed.


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