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Last update: December 2021

Are you wondering http // what is this After recharging any Data pack on airtel. if you type or any other website url it will keep Redirect you to or page and show you A recharge confirmation message again and again. if you click dismiss this alert button.its also not works .it will keep redirect you.
In this article we are going to tell you how to remove http //
http // error android problem android airtel redirect

Fix Airtel rcconf Redirect Android

  • IN your mobile GO to Settings>>More settings>>Network settings>>Accesspoint names>>Select Airtel internet configuration
  • Edit the Apn configuration as below
Proxy:  (Leave balnk)
Port:     8080
  • Save the APN configurations
  • Connect intenet
    How to remove Airtel Recharge confirmation messages after activated 3G 2G data packs
  • Now all websites will work without any redirects.

If you still facing troubles with the redirect. Just download and install any VPN then surf internet with vpn. I recommend psiphon vpn. it’s fast and secure.

Price: To be announced

Fix Airtel rcconf Redirect on PC

 Step: 1  At first clear cookies,  cache of your browser then try browsing pages.  If the error still persists. We’ve to opt for VPN as previously I said. 

 Step: 2  Download Psiphon Vpn for pc. Once you downloaded open psiphon3.exe.

 Step: 3  After that click on connect button , now you will be get Connected to VPN server.  Now that airtel rcconf page no longer appear .

Thats it guys i hope you have successfully fixed that issue by our tricks. If you need any extra technical support please comment below. We’ll write you back.



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