Samsung has stopped the delivery of the Galaxy Note 7 in United states and even worldwide. The launch will not therefore take place on September 2, but at a later date. This was confirmed by Samsung Germany. There will be a callback action also for German customers. Update: So you recognize a safe Galaxy Note 7 .

Update on Galaxy-Note-7-Exchange

  • A manufacturing defect in some battery of Galaxy Note 7 can cause excessive heat is generated and the Galaxy Note 7 may catch fire.
  • Samsung has early September given 35 cases, now 92 cases have been confirmed in the US alone.
  • Samsung cautions against the use of the Galaxy Note 7, asking customers this off.
  • On September 19, the exchange program will start in Germany.
  • Many dealers provide the Galaxy Note 7 only from the end of October.

Samsung launched exchange program at September 19

In Germany, the exchange program of the Galaxy Note 7 will start on 19 September. the online shop of Samsung customers should be informed about a new delivery date.

In the US, Samsung offers an online form on, can by means of which recognize customers that your Galaxy Note 7 must be exchanged. Samsung asks this from the IMEI and then outputs as a result, whether the score 7 must be replaced or not. The IMEI Checker is to be officially released later this week in Germany.

So you recognize a safe Galaxy Note 7

To identify a safe Galaxy Note 7, there are three ways.

  • You can use the above linked IMEI Checker to find out if your score 7 is safe.
  • On packaging for a newly sold, safe Galaxy Note 7 a custom bar-code labels will be found.
  • This will include the top right above a small black square.
  • In a unique step Samsung will also use a green battery instead of a white at not endangered Galaxy Note 7.
  • This new battery icon was exceptionally permitted by Google and is enabled by a software update. Usually, manufacturers must use white icons in the notification bar.

    A green battery icon actually contradicts Google’s guidelines. / © SAMSUNG

Samsung warns against using the Galaxy Note 7

Samsung warns now strongly recommend that you use the Galaxy Note 7: “All customers who have already received their Galaxy Note 7, we ask now, turn off your device and not to use”. The reason had now been found. A manufacturing defect in some batteries leads to the fact that the battery anode and cathode may come into contact, which could lead to dangerous overheating.

Damaged Galaxy Note 7 / © TechinDroid

This is apparently the reason for risen in flames Note 7. According to Samsung if it were a rare manufacturing defects. On September 19, Samsung will launch the exchange of all previously sold Galaxy Note. 7

Galaxy Note 7: warning against use in planes

The US Transportation Security Administration FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) has the problems with the battery of note 7 expressed . In a statement, the FAA warns to turn the score 7 on the plane or recharge. In addition, passengers should refrain to pack the score 7 in case:

In light of recent incidents and concerns raised by Samsung about its Galaxy Note 7 devices, the Federal Aviation Administration strongly advises passengers not to turn on or batch synthesis devices on board aircraft and not to stow them in any checked baggage.

Meanwhile demand also some airlines that have placed aboard Galaxy Note 7 will be switched off and may not be loaded.

Samsung confirms recall and call details

Samsung has now confirmed that most of the sale was stopped. Devices supplied be recalled. Samsung Germany manifests itself as follows:

Samsung attaches great importance to the quality of its products and we take any report of our customers to incidents very seriously. In relation to current events around the new Galaxy Note7 we have conducted a thorough investigation and discovered inconsistencies in the battery cells.

The launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note7 in Germany will not go as planned on September 2, 2016. but shifts. We ask our customers for leniency and timely information on the new launch date.

Samsung Germany has also informed us details to recall the Galaxy Note 7 in Germany:

Customers who have already received their Galaxy Note7, we will replace your device in the next few weeks of course with a new one. Customers can by calling 06196 934 0 262 (Mon – Fri 8am to 21h and Saturday from 9h to 17h) to register for the exchange of Note7.

If you would prefer to start an e-mail to Exchange, so Samsung Germany has a way for you:

We need your full name, your address, a telephone number where we can reach you good day, your e-mail address and the IMEI or serial number (can be found using the key combination * # 06 # from the Galaxy Note7).
Please begin the subject of the e-mail containing the string “N7N1”. You get then in the next days further information about the exchange of your Galaxy Note7.

The can email your request in Samsung’s Support area Post. On the side you have to specify first of all that you have a request for a grade 7 and specify a topic in a second step. Only then you can write an e-mail. Watch for it to start the subject with “N7N1”. In addition, Samsung has its own website connected to the exchange.

Samsung confirmed sale Stop and Exchange action

Samsung has about the circumstances expressed . Accordingly, Samsung has found a problem with the battery. There had been 35 incidents – obviously meant are exploding Galaxy Note 7. Samsung has a worldwide ban on sales imposed.

An unexploded Galaxy Note 7 / © PhoneArena

A detailed report on TechinDroid News brings additional light into the darkness, but cites other figures. A source within Samsung who wished to remain anonymous, told the news agency that Samsung was able to identify the problem in a faulty batch of batteries. This faulty batteries were to be found in approximately 0.1 percent of the produced Galaxy Note. 7


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