Last Update: March 2024

How to restore from iCloud backup on iPhone: If you already have an iCloud backup. it is also quite easy to restore the contents of your iPhone from iCloud. This type of restoration is of the “all or nothing”. because you can not restore the contents selectively.

Data loss of your iPhone can occur for many reasons, including:

* Repairs requiring erase all data from the phone.
* Delete data (accidentally or on purpose).
* A corrupt file.

How to bypass iCloud Activation

Isn’t nice When yous losing the data on your iPhone. Recover data from iPhone backup is a very simple task that can be done at a time.

Restore iPhone from icloud Backup 2024

Removes all data from your iPhone (make sure you’ve backed up everything on iCloud before performing this step).

  1. Restore from iCloud backupbackup-icloud
  2. Turn on or restart your iPhone.
  3. In the iPhone Settings screen, select the “Restore from iCloud Backup” option.
    restore from iCloud backup
  4. Log into your account and select your iCloud backup.
  5. You will see the message “Restoring from backup” along with a progress bar showing the progress of the restoration process.
  6. Your iPhone will restart when the restoration is complete.

You will probably need to download music and applications again to complete the restoration process. Once done, your iPhone will complete the process automatically.


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