Mark Zuckerberg CEo of Facebook
The creator of the Facebook social network talked about a conflict that had a decade ago. Mark Zuckerberg said that Facebook had its worst moment a decade ago, just years after it was founded. 
In a new interview with Sam Altman (president of Y Combinator) Zuckerberg admitted that “one of the most difficult parts was when Yahoo offered to buy the company for a lot of money. that was the turning point in the company.” 
Facebook social network
facebook reject the offer

“Do not hurt reject the offer, but what happened next. Many of the EMPLOYEES resigned because they believed in what we were doing , “he said the CEO of the world’s largest social network. in addition,

Mark Zuckerberg: had the most delicate moment of Facebook

Zuckerberg said that” many of the people who joined the first. in reality did not agree with me … (to them) to sell (a startup) by us $ 1,000 million after a couple of years was a great success. ” Luckily Mark decided to stay with Facebook, and today is the social network that traded more. 


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