horror games on mobile devices is always followed with interest. In This article we have compiled the most terrible of 5 Located in the Android platform mobile games. Let’s see what’s on techindroid.com list?

Top 5 Android Horror Games! 2016
Android most preferred types of games on the devices is undoubtedly one of the horror genre . Especially the Google Play Store ‘There are dozens of games in this genre. Most of the story , gameplay in alike, including quality and it does not come to the fore in the games playability. We give first rank to Mental Hospital last game of the series and the Slendr where the game as the top 5 horror games on android we viewed the game.

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Mental Hospital 4
Mental hospital
This series Mental Hospital  was developed by Agaming + studio, he sees quite a large interest in the Google Play Store . The first game of the series reached 3 million downloaded , most horror games we know the dynamics of blending different and enjoyable game while Mental Hospital Mental Hospital 4 of the new game continues where it left off voltage . This time it is signed by Hideo Kojima game PT canceled and we were in the construction Outlast combines the hand-held camera style, trying to leave the house . Although exactly the same as PT Home design draws attention to different details anyway.Sound and graphics are very high quality compared to the fear of a mobile game. The controls are simple and streamlined. Do not bend, we found that dynamic as well as the beginning of the game, such as jumping and running hand-held camera in darkness with night vision With the ability we find our way. The house is decorated with puzzle logically possible to get rid of the move. Continuous opening and closing doors and is jumpsca described as creatures adds great tension. The size of the game is 323 MB.

Download Mental Hospital 4


The eyes

One of the most terrible game in the Android market with The Eyes attracts attention with legendary Slender Man-esque gameplay. Us to leave the building we are in a game with graphics and gameplay is fine we need to collect the desired items. But of course, in this structure that we are not alone.We need to escape from the ghost before us falling too quickly. The game closes with graphically approached us lack the sound quality is also a ghost character is starting to not be afraid to take a quick breath and so we understand that we need to escape.With 3 different difficulty levels if we are able to change the language in the game. The game controls are simple and streamlined. It does not have any freezing problem. Here’s a map of our character and with this map in hand trying to find our way. The Eyes game the size of 42 MB.

Click to download The Eyes.

Evilnessa: Nightmare House

Evilnessa: Nightmare house
We bought a little house in a different city bizarre turns. When we went in to check a ghost , we learn that. The only chance we have to get rid of him to find 13 photos . 2 parts consisting of evilness Nightmare House ‘s story is quite silly, but this kind of horror games in general are already mobile stories in this way. The important point playability and sound quality. The game graphically moderate ranks manages to eject himself a little bit to the forefront. The controls are simple and streamlined. Unlike the ghost in the game has a button for our protection when we close our eyes to catch us. In this way, get rid of the ghosts are able to continue to do our duty. Google Translate support of the Turkish can play each other at least clone on the market that stands out from the game. This game size is 48 MB.

Download Evilness A: Nightmare House

Slendrina: Asylum

Slendrina Asylum
Its also like Mental Hospital series,Such an android game. one of very popular series on the market to Slendrina ‘s last game Slendrina the Asylum literally horror thriller offers to gamers. With quality graphics We are trying to get the building we were in the game with a remarkable and play. 8 grade game we need to collect a locked many doors and we need to have the key in order to open them. Unlike other games, this time our character’s life bar there and we need to escape from the ghosts we encounter the least damage. Controls are smooth and seamless as all the other games. Sound and graphics game entirely complementary to other factors. The size of the game 40 MB.

Download Slendrina: Asylum

Paranormal Asylum
Paranormal Asylum
Outlast ‘s hand-held camera and night vision mode with features inspired by the dynamic and beautiful sound pretty good with creating tension air Paranormal Asylum list in our last game. Unlike other games have made still better quality graphics compared to other games music it is remarkable. Quite chilling the air, starting the game, invisible supernatural creatures of our camera with night vision mode is possible to see. We need to collect in order to escape 9 in baby toys we collect through this night vision to see again. The game controls a bit tricky and lightweight forcing it. But more severe than in the rest of the game to try different types of value compared to other games. The size of 41 MB.

Download Paranormal Asylum

Above listed games are the Top 5 best Android Horror Games! 2016 .Daily visit TechinDroid.com


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