We all know junk food, and most of us love it. But, what are junk files on computer? Where do they come from? What should we do with them? Actually, the best thing we can do with junk food is to throw it away! its also same for computer junks!

What are junk files?

Basically, junk files are virtual garbage that accumulates through constant use of a computer. You really don’t notice how much junk files do you have, until you test one of those programs that promise to make your computer much faster. Then, suddenly, you have several megabytes or even gigabytes of irrelevant data that could be safely deleted all at once. But is that always true?

Where do Junk files come from?

When we work with a computer, we expect a certain amount of comfort. For example, we may want to undo multiple steps while writing or while working on a graphic. Thankfully, the PC doesn’t only save our result but, also temporary files that contain all of our previous steps. This can give us a more comfortable work and also provides us a coverage sometimes, in case something goes wrong. In most occasions, these temporary files are automatically deleted when we save our work and/or close the program. But, that’s not always the case some apps lefts some of its files permanently in the temp folder that’s called junk file or unnecessary cache files and its the meaning for Junk files.

Sometimes, temporary data accumulates on the hard disk, like dust in a PC case. The next time we open our program, it works as usual without acknowledging the existence of these files and we go on unaware of them as well. Actually, all of those computer junks should be in the Temp folder on our PC but, unfortunately, that’s not our case here. And when we start a program like CCleaner to clear things up and destroy treacherous files,  CCleaner is available for windows and mac. It can fight with tons of “temporary” files spread all over the disk. If this happens most of the computer junks can be and should be safely removed.


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