Is Hulu free to use? why Is hulu no longer free?, Hulu no longer free from 2020 hulu moving forward with the subscription only (Hulu pay only) way because of competing with its opponent streaming services like Netflix and Amazon prime. However, you can still watch hulu free. Here’s how to watch Hulu for free without paying anything. All you need is having a Hulu account even if that run out of subscription.

Hulu’s website provides online streaming of television programs and movies. When did hulu stop being free? Hulu no longer accepting free streaming service since August 2020, you need an account with an active subscription to watch Tv shows and series. With an account, you can also create a video playlists, subscribe to television shows and discussion forums using Hulu. Your computer and Internet connection must meet the minimum requirements of Hulu for best results, and you have to see ads while using the Hulu service. This is what happened to free hulu, So hulu isn’t free anymore but, hulu still have its free contents page where you can watch its free shows even without having active subscription. Keep reading this article to know how to get free hulu.

Is Hulu still free? If yes, How to Use it?

Yes Hulu is still free, you can access Hulu free contents by surf through hulu free version. In TechinDroid we explained that in less than 10 steps is hulu free anymore

Step: 1 Free Hulu Subscription

Visit “System Requirements” page for know the minimum system Requirements for use hulu. Read the requirements to ensure that the system software, browser and Internet connection speed are compatible with Hulu free service and subscription.

Step: 2 is hulu free to use

Disable ad blocking extensions on your browser. Hulu depends on advertising to provide video Streaming at no cost, and you cannot watch videos on Hulu unless the ads can show. Go to the Tools menu, extensions or plugins your browser to disable the ad blocker.

Step: 3 hulu isn t free anymore

Visit (If you already have a hulu account then directly go the second step) and Click on “Start Your Free Trial” (Sign Up) on the upper right corner of the screen to create a profile of Hulu. Enter all the requested information. Check the box to accept the terms of use and click “Create an Account” (Create an account) at the bottom of the page.

Is Hulu Free

Step: 4 is hulu not free anymore

Go to log in with your email address and password.

Step: 5 does hulu have free content

Once you’ve logged in visit this page ( Click on the name of a TV show, movie or actor from the available shows.

free version of hulu
free version of hulu

Step: 6

Examines the selection of videos by title, genre or popularity, or search the most recent additions to the site.

Step: 7 hulu is no longer free

Click on a video to play on your browser. In this way this streaming service used to be free.

Hulu decided to go with subscription only model so there should be No more free hulu to watch. instead of that hulu still having page where still some of the anime series are currently hulu offer for free to watch.


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